Podcast: “It’s Gonna Be Just Fine” North Dakota Commodities Trader Says About Soybean Markets


Is all this hand-wringing about Trump’s trade fight with China and its potential impact on North Dakota’s agriculture economy based on reality? Or is it hyped politics from Democrats anxious to drive a wedge between President Donald Trump and rural voters who cast their ballots for him?

Eugene Graner, President of Heartland Investor Services, told me on my radio show today that it’s the latter. “It’s gonna be just fine,” he said of the soybean markets, noting that prices today are higher than they were a month ago.

“Heidi Heitkamp is still going to have problems,” he added, referring to the incumbent Senator who is tasked with winning in a deeply pro-Trump state as a Democrat this cycle. “This story is going away.”

I also spoke with Will Gardner, candidate for Secretary of State, after his win at the NDGOP convention this weekend.

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