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What if the Trade Fight With China Is Bigger Than Soybeans?

What if the Trade Fight With China Is Bigger Than Soybeans?

In 1995 then-President Bill Clinton extended Most Favored Nation status to China. His justification for the move, coming as it did after ripping George H.W. Bush for being soft on China during the 1992 campaign, was believing we could make China a better neighbor by trading with them. “This decision offers us the best opportunity

New York Times Uses Same Misleading Photo of Soybean Pile the Heitkamp Campaign Got Caught Using

Farm state Democrats like Senator Heidi Heitkamp have attacking President Donald Trump’s trade policies, arguing they’ve been bad for the agriculture industry. Which is fair. We can debate the point, but promoting contrasting views on important policies like trade tariffs is exactly what campaigns should be about (and aren’t nearly about enough). Still, a specific

Soybeans Are Going to Be a Real Problem for Republican Candidates Cramer and Armstrong

“Elevators in the eastern portion of the state have pulled their bids for soybeans,” Dr. Frayne Olson, a crop economics expert from North Dakota State University, tells the Williston Herald. “There is literally no price for soybeans.” Right now Olson said there is only a small number of elevators in our region where this is

Here’s Something Everyone Seems to Be Overlooking in the (Mostly) Political Hysteria Over Soybeans

President Trump has kicked off a trade war with China. There’s no disputing that. That said trade war with China has implications for American businesses who sell a lot of stuff to China. Notably, for our part of the world, soybean farmers. It’s also true that hysteria over the soybean markets serves the political ends

Podcast: “It’s Gonna Be Just Fine” North Dakota Commodities Trader Says About Soybean Markets

Is all this hand-wringing about Trump’s trade fight with China and its potential impact on North Dakota’s agriculture economy based on reality? Or is it hyped politics from Democrats anxious to drive a wedge between President Donald Trump and rural voters who cast their ballots for him? Eugene Graner, President of Heartland Investor Services, told

What Will Republicans Do if Trump’s Popularity With North Dakotans Continues to Fall?

As we head into the NDGOP state convention this weekend we have heard a lot from the Republican candidates about how much they line up with President Donald Trump’s agenda, and how much their Democratic opponents do not. That makes a certain sort of sense. After all, President Trump got nearly 63 percent of the

North Dakota Democrats Have a Point About Trump’s Trade Fight With China

News this morning is that China has fired back at President Donald Trump’s aggressive trade movies, threatening tariffs on 106 American products including (perhaps most importantly for North Dakota) soybeans. Our state is one of the top soybean producers in the state. And, doing the political calculus on this situation, soybeans are grown perhaps most