Plain Talk: State Auditor Says He Doesn’t Know if Politics Was Behind Removal of His Authority


“I don’t know anything about that,” state Auditor Josh Gallion said on this episode of Plain Talk. He was responding to a question about whether he felt the Legislature’s removal of his office’s ability to unilaterally initiate audits of state agencies was motivated by politics.

Gallion was certain one thing, though. He said the change, which was signed into law by Governor Doug Burgum, represents a major change to how he does his job.

“I think it demonstrates a misunderstanding of the type of audits we do,” Gallion said of the move.

Burgum has defended signing this legislation into law, arguing that it would save money when it comes to state agencies complying with audits. Gallion disputed this assertion.

“We do not cost the taxpayers money,” he said. “We are here each and every day to save the taxpayers money.”

Gallion claims his office has produced a 7 – 1 “return on investment” when it comes to saved through the audit process as compared to money spent.

Also on this episode, Facebook and other online communications platform are taking an increasingly tough line on controversial speech, with millions cheering them on. But what should we fear more, online hate speech and conspiracy mongering or the trend toward blocking that sort of speech?

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