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State Sales Tax Revenues Miss Forecast by More Than $40 Million in January

State Sales Tax Revenues Miss Forecast by More Than $40 Million in January

North Dakota keeps revising its revenue forecasts down, and actual revenue collections keep coming in even lower. It’s a reality that’s complicating the Legislature’s efforts to budget for the next biennium. While revenue collections are still coming in ahead of pre-oil boom levels, biennium to date, nobody seems certain about where the floor is for

Doug Burgum appears in a cowboy hat in one of his 2016 campaign ads.

Governor Doug Burgum Runs Afoul of State Senate’s Prohibition on Wearing Jeans

Of course, right after I write a post about how well Governor Doug Burgum and lawmakers are working together, the former runs afoul of the latter’s dress code. Burgum is, rather famously, a sort of dress-down kind of guy. Earlier this legislative session there was some grumbling among lawmakers about the way Burgum and Lt.

Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court Gerald VandeWalle, left, administers the oath of office to Governor Doug Burgum on Tuesday in the house chambers. Watching from left are Tom Burgum, 18, first lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum and Jesse Burgum, 20. Photo by Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

After Blistering Campaign Governor Burgum and Lawmakers Are Mostly Getting Along

During his campaign last year Governor Doug Burgum had a blistering message for voters about the status quo in Bismarck. One of a spendthrift “good old boys club” out of touch with the desires of the public. It worked. Burgum won both a heated primary against Republican challenger Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and also a

Gov.Doug Burgum opened North Dakota's 65th legislative assembly on Tuesday afternoon in front of a joint session of the Legislature where he delivered the State of the State address. Photo by Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

Please Stop Wasting Time Wrangling Over Your Salary Governor Burgum

Dear Governor Burgum, During your campaign against Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem in the Republican primary you promised to decline your salary if elected. Some of us, including this humble observer, thought that was little more than a silly talking point. Something to fire up the rubes who see great meaning in that sort of a

North Dakota’s Budget Problems Have to Do With Spending Not Tax Cuts

As the state legislature grapples with budget challenges in Bismarck a talking point has emerged from our friends from the left about why those challenges are so large. It’s the tax cuts, they tell us. An example of this is Democrat Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen who was a very, very far left lawmaker herself until

From left to right, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, former Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk, Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak, Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann

Members of the Public Service Commission Wearing “Fighting Sioux” Jerseys Is Hardly Scandalous

My colleague Mike McFeely sees scandal in a photo of Julie Fedorchak and Randy Christmann, collectively two-thirds of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, wearing old “Fighting Sioux” jerseys from the University of North Dakota. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know UND retired the nickname/logo after years of squabbling over its supposed offensiveness,

Governor Doug Burgum listens to a speaker during a meeting with the Cannonball Community on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Photo via Governor's Office

North Dakota Governor Meets With Standing Rock Citizens Fed up With #NoDAPL Protests

Last night Governor Doug Burgum traveled to Cannonball, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to hear concerns from citizens there over the #NoDAPL protests. The visit was a big deal. “Tribal elders said it was the first time they could recall a sitting North Dakota governor coming to meet with residents in Cannon

Governor Doug Burgum opened North Dakota's 65th legislative assembly on Tuesday afternoon in front of a joint session of the legislature where he delivered the State of the State address. TOM STROMME / BISMARCK TRIBUNE

Governor Burgum Appoints Campaign Backer, Sunflower Seeds Founder to Department of Commerce

I’ve always seen a lot of similarities between Governor Doug Burgum and President Donald Trump. Not in terms of rhetorical style, of course. Burgum tends to be thoughtful in his comments where Trump is bombastic. But both men are independently wealthy candidates who positioned themselves as political outsiders. And now, as Trump has brought in

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer speaking on the phone during his time as interim President at the University of North Dakota

Audio: Former Gov. Ed Schafer Says Nursing Home Tax Bill “Is Stupid”

On Friday I had former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer on my radio show, and he didn’t mince any words when it came to his thoughts on a proposed tax on nursing home beds. “This tax on long term care residents is stupid,” he told me, adding that proponents of the tax have been “trying

Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk speaks at the NDGOP convention in 2012.

Kalk Will Be Leaving Public Service Commission Creating Opening for Burgum’s First Appointment

Yesterday I broke the news that Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk was considering a job at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center. When I spoke to Kalk about the situation he said he had a press release prepared to go out as soon as he was formally offered the job. Well,


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