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Governor Doug Burgum and his wife Kathryn Helgaas Burgum attend Super Bowl LII. Photo via Twitter

Here Are the Emails Between Governor Burgum’s Office and Xcel Energy Setting up His Uber Expensive Super Bowl Trip

Here Are the Emails Between Governor Burgum’s Office and Xcel Energy Setting up His Uber Expensive Super Bowl Trip

The story about Governor Doug Burgum’s Super Bowl trip just won’t go away, mostly because Burgum’s office has handled the whole thing pretty terribly. Not only should Burgum never have accepted the hospitality of Xcel Energy in the first place, but it now appears he didn’t fully disclose the entire cost of the trip. The

Governor Burgum’s Super Bowl Trip Didn’t Violate Ethics Policies Mostly Because the Governor’s Office Doesn’t Have Any

When Governor Doug Burgum went to the Super Bowl over the weekend his tickets were paid for by Xcel Energy. A utility company heavily regulated by the state. As I wrote earlier this week, Burgum should have paid for his own ticket. That would have been the right thing to do. But did his decision

Governor Burgum Should Have Paid for His Own Super Bowl Tickets

Governor Doug Burgum attended the Super Bowl this weekend, and Xcel Energy picked up the tab. Burgum’s staff tried to cover the trip with a veneer of official duty, telling the Fargo Forum that the Governor would be discussing reliability issues with the company while watching the game. Give me a break. If Governor Burgum wants

Tom Kenville, right, of ISIGHT RPV services, discusses with Gov. Burgum some of the work the Grand Forks business is doing in the UAV industry. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Governor Burgum and the Grand Forks Herald Are Feuding Over the Wrong Thing

Governor Doug Burgum sure cheesed off the folks at the Grand Forks Herald. Ahead of a recent visit to Grand Forks to meet with city leaders, said city leaders told the Herald that it was Burgum’s first “official” visit to the city since taking office. Burgum took offense and made some comments during his visit pushing back

Gov. Doug Burgum stands behind a teleprompter and in front of a video screen during his State of the State address Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Minot. Media production accounted for a good share of the cost of putting on the event. Kim Fundingsland / Minot Daily News

Poll: Approval of Governor Doug Burgum Has Fallen 12 Points During First Year in Office

Governor Doug Burgum put a period at the end of the sentence of his first year in office by delivering a (special interest sponsored) State of the State address on the Minot State University campus. But according to Morning consult, which polls the popularity of governors on a quarterly interval, during that first year Burgum’s

A gas flare in western North Dakota.

North Dakota’s Flaring Problem Has Its Roots in Excessive Regulation

The environmental activism aimed at impeding, and sometimes even blocking, the build-out of energy infrastructure such as pipelines and refineries/processing plants is bad for the environment. Don’t believe me? Witness the problems the oil and gas industry is having in addressing the flaring issue here in North Dakota. Back in 2014 our state developed, along

Rep. Ron Guggisberg delivers the Democratic response to Governor Doug Burgum's State of the State address. Via Facebook

Are North Dakota’s Democrats Even Trying Any More?

Yesterday Governor Doug Burgum gave a thorough, 90-minute “state of the state” address on the campus of Minot State University. In it he spoke of his administration’s efforts and accomplishments in 2017, the first year of Burgum’s term in office, as well as his vision going forward. Here’s the full video of the event if

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum stands behind a poster for the state's new traffic safety initiative, Vision Zero, Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018, at the state Capitol in Bismarck. John Hageman / Forum News Service

North Dakota Does Not Need Primary Enforcement for Seat Belt Use

Yesterday Governor Doug Burgum voiced unequivocal support for making North Dakota’s seat belt law a primary enforcement law. Currently the law is a secondary enforcement offense. Which means the cops can only ticket you for not wearing your seat belt if they’ve already pulled you over for something else. Lawmakers, though, are skeptical of primary