Auditor Josh Gallion Says “No Comment” on Whether or Not He’ll Run for Re-Election


Today’s Plain Talk features an interview with state Auditor Josh Gallion, focusing on the controversy over the Legislature removing the bulk of his office’s autonomy.

The interview is revealing in terms of just what is changing with the Auditor’s office, the job of which is to hold the rest of state government accountable, but one question I forgot to ask Gallion during the interview is what he sees in his political future.

Will he run for this office again?

“No comment,” is all I got in response when I followed up with him after the interview.

I think it’s safe to say that his lack of an answer to the question is a sort of answer on its own.

Gallion, a Republican who was elected to his first term as Auditor in 2016, is clearly questioning his future in politics.

Politicians who want to stay in elected office don’t give you a “no comment” when you ask about the potential for a re-election campaign.

Who could blame Gallion for a bit of introspection about his future in politics after what just happened? And at the hands of his own political party, no less?