Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Trump Was First to Call Border Situation a “Humanitarian Crisis”


Which of the large field of Democrats running for President is the biggest threat to incumbent Donald Trump?

“Joe Biden presents the greatest threat,” Senator Kevin Cramer says on this episode of Plain Talk. He says Biden appeals to a larger majority of moderate Americans, a faction of voters obscured by some of the extremism we see on social media and cable news, and that could be enough to defeat Trump.

As for recent controversies over political bias, and alleged censorship, on social media platforms Cramer says tech giants like Google need to “behave better,” adding that he believes they do offer products that have “a monopoly.”

Cramer also said Senator Ted Cruz’s questioning of Google officials, asking them who in the company donated to Republican candidates or voted for Donald Trump, made him “uneasy.”

The Senate passed funding for what Cramer described as a “humanitarian crisis” at the border, but they also shot down a similar bill passed by the Democrat-controlled House. Cramer said the House bill had “poison pills.” He also said Democrats are blaming Trump for a crisis they were saying didn’t exist not so long ago.

“A lot of my Democratic friends frustrate me because they’re blaming all of this on Trump,” Cramer said. “He was the first to call it a humanitarian crisis.”

Earlier this year a number of prominent Democrats went on the record to deny a crisis at the southern border.

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