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Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Trump Was First to Call Border Situation a “Humanitarian Crisis”

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Trump Was First to Call Border Situation a “Humanitarian Crisis”

Which of the large field of Democrats running for President is the biggest threat to incumbent Donald Trump? “Joe Biden presents the greatest threat,” Senator Kevin Cramer says on this episode of Plain Talk. He says Biden appeals to a larger majority of moderate Americans, a faction of voters obscured by some of the extremism

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says of Border Deal, “I Like It Ok. I Certainly Don’t Love It.”

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer takes listener questions (he’s on every week, email your questions any time to rob@sayanythingblog.com). In response to several questions about it, the Senator says he’s co-sponsoring legislation introduced by Texas Senator Ted Cruz which would use some of the money seized from notorious drug lord “El

Trump to Sign Funding Ban for Universities Hosting Chinese Institute Once Touted at North Dakota Universities

Back in 2010 the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved requests from Dickinson State University and North Dakota State to create Confucius Institutes on their campuses. In 2012 the folks at DSU, mired in a horrendous diploma mill scandal, announced they were ending the program. It doesn’t seem as though a similar program

Ted Cruz Campaign Feeling Out Another Visit To North Dakota

The Republican presidential race may end up paying another visit to North Dakota. Rumors are flying in political circles that Ted Cruz and/or Donald Trump may be paying a visit to the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference set to take place in late May in Bismarck. The event is put on by the North Dakota Petroleum

Audio: Kevin Cramer Says He Endorsed Donald Trump Because Ted Cruz Opposes The Farm Bill/Sugar Program

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer made waves at the NDGOP convention over the weekend by endorsing polarizing presidential candidate Donald Trump. In my column about the endorsement I suggested that Cramer was maybe trolling us, endorsing in part Trump because his Democrat challenger in the House blasted him on it. Part of my case for

James Kerian: The Case For Ted Cruz

It has been recently reported that the the North Dakota Republican convention this coming weekend will feature a more intense than usual contest for who will serve as North Dakota’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. It is expected that there will be a slate of would-be national convention delegates publicly supporting Donald Trump and a slate

Ted Cruz Campaign Making A Play For North Dakota's Unbound National Delegates

The North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention takes place this coming weekend in Fargo (the Democrats are holding theirs simultaneously in Bismarck), and it seems that at least one of candidates seeking the national GOP’s nomination for president is making a play for the state’s national delegates. Unlike other states, North Dakota’s Republicans did not

Trump Surrogate Ben Carson To Speak At NDGOP Convention

Yesterday Mike Nowatzki had an article suggesting that there will be two high-profile keynote speakers at the North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention next month. Today I can report that one of those speakers will be former national candidate Ben Carson. Carson dropped out of the national GOP’s presidential nomination race earlier this month and has

Matt Evans: The Qualities Needed To Be An Effective President

When engaging in the national pastime of arguing about politics, Americans often like to claim that any candidate (besides the one they support, of course) is not qualified for the job of President of The United States. Usually, such petitioners don’t actually explain what they think the qualifications are, so it’s difficult to have a