Ted Cruz Campaign Feeling Out Another Visit To North Dakota


Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, R-Tx., delivers the keynote address during the NDGOP convention Saturday, April 2, 2016 in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

The Republican presidential race may end up paying another visit to North Dakota.

Rumors are flying in political circles that Ted Cruz and/or Donald Trump may be paying a visit to the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference set to take place in late May in Bismarck.

The event is put on by the North Dakota Petroleum Council, and they told me it’s a possibility.

“They’ve shown interest,” NDPC spokesman Tessa Sandstrom said this afternoon, “but nothing is confirmed.”

Sandstrom said the Cruz campaign actually contacted them before they even thought about inviting any candidates to address attendees. She said that after the Cruz people contacted them they also sent an invite to the Trump campaign.

Cruz attended the North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention in Fargo earlier this month, as did Trump surrogate Ben Carson.

I reached out to NDGOP chairman Kelly Armstrong to ask if the candidates had contacted the party to make arrangements for a visit, and he said they haven’t yet.

But Armstrong said he’d be happy if the candidates did visit, saying they’d likely want to visit with the state’s unbound delegates to the national convention.

“I would facilitate that for any of the candidates,” Armstrong told me.