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Things Which Belong to Everybody Belong to Nobody

Things Which Belong to Everybody Belong to Nobody

Bike share programs are a nearly perfect distillation of the problems with the socialist ideals espoused by leftist leaders like Senator Bernie Sanders. I’m talking about the programs where bikes are left around to be freely used by whoever, not the bike rental services you see here and there. The latter is a model which

Facebook's login page. Reuters photo.

Let’s Be Cautious About Purging “Fake News” From the Internet

In the days since Donald Trump stunned the world by winning a national election few thought he could we’ve seen his detractors grasp for explanations for that turn of events. Anything allowing them to ignore what seems obvious, which is that millions and millions of Americans got fed up with the American left’s obsession with identity politics,

North Dakota Highway Patrol Spokesman Says Google-Owned Waze App Helps Criminals

With the Christmas holiday coming up a lot of you will probably be hitting the road to visit friends and family. One tool you might use to help you get to your destination quickly and easily is Waze, a Google-owned GPS app which helps route you around traffic delay, and warns of you of hazards

Obama Administration Using Secret Email Accounts To Avoid Public Record Requests

Yesterday we learned that former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson was using a fake email address named after her dog to avoid public records requests. Today comes news from the Associated Press that using phony email accounts is a common practice in the Obama administration. Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the secretary for