Plain Talk: Expanding Capacity for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and What Can We Really Do to Stop Mass Murder Attacks?


“Nothing changes with respect to the operating pressure.”

That’s what Glenn Emery said of the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline on this episode of Plain Talk. He is the Vice President of Commercial Operations and Business Development for Energy Transfer Partners – the company which owns DAPL – and he says the construction of new pump stations to move more oil through the line is no big deal.

Opponents of the pipeline, including Native American tribes in the region, want a public hearing. Emery says ETP thinks the hearing is unnecessary, but they’re happy to cooperate with it.

The pipeline is currently moving roughly half of all of the oil produced in North Dakota. This expansion would allow the pipeline to carry over a million barrels per day of oil.

Also on this episode, what if there is nothing we can really do to stop lone-wolf attacks?

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