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Who Is Really Afraid to Shop, Worship, or Go to School?

Who Is Really Afraid to Shop, Worship, or Go to School?

“We shouldn’t be afraid to shop, worship or go to school,” reads the headline over a recent column from Jim Shaw. Is anyone really afraid to do those things? Maybe some, but are those feelings based in factual reality or just feelings? Despite the intense (and at times downright ghoulish) media focus on mass shootings,

Plain Talk: Expanding Capacity for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and What Can We Really Do to Stop Mass Murder Attacks?

“Nothing changes with respect to the operating pressure.” That’s what Glenn Emery said of the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline on this episode of Plain Talk. He is the Vice President of Commercial Operations and Business Development for Energy Transfer Partners – the company which owns DAPL – and he says the construction of

We Should Stop Lowering the Flags for Mass Shootings

Last night the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump was refusing to order the nation’s flags lowered as a gesture to the awful shooting of five journalists at the Capital Gazette in Maryland. Had Trump made that decision it would have been easy to perceive it as yet another front in the on-going hostilities between the

The Mass Shooting as a Medium for Extremists and the Disaffected

Yesterday all too familiar news broke about another mass shooting. This time at a high school in Florida. This morning the alleged shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. We may learn more in the coming weeks about why Cruz did this. It’s unlikely, given that he’s still alive,

Matt Evans: Angry About Mass Shootings? Congratulations, You're Racist.

According to ShootingTracker.com*, there have been 375 deaths in 2015 from Mass Shootings.  Some of these “mass shootings” had zero actual deaths, so I’m not going to vouch for the criteria of this site.  Given that, their number might be too high.  But let’s just go with it. From listening to our President, and from