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Plain Talk: Expanding Capacity for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and What Can We Really Do to Stop Mass Murder Attacks?

Plain Talk: Expanding Capacity for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and What Can We Really Do to Stop Mass Murder Attacks?

“Nothing changes with respect to the operating pressure.” That’s what Glenn Emery said of the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline on this episode of Plain Talk. He is the Vice President of Commercial Operations and Business Development for Energy Transfer Partners – the company which owns DAPL – and he says the construction of

What Have the Anti-Oil Activists Ever Done for Us?

A few recent headlines in the regional media are interesting, given their juxtaposition. Our state’s battle to be reimbursed for the heavy costs of handling the violent and often unlawful #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continues. “North Dakota’s congressional delegation is calling on President Donald Trump’s administration to address the state’s year-old request

Whoa: Dakota Access Pipeline Owners File Racketeering Lawsuit Against #NoDAPL Activists

From last summer through the first couple of months of 2017 there was an all-out assault on the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Protesters, summoned to rural south central North Dakota by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and a myriad of environmental groups, blocked roads and set fires and harassed pipeline workers all in an

The Dakota Access Pipeline Company Shouldn’t Have to Pay for the Misconduct of #NoDAPL Protesters

As of March 6 the cost of the #NoDAPL protests to North Dakota’s state and local governments was over $38 million. According to the Associated Press, state officials “appear poised to go after the U.S. government” to recoup that costs. The the AP notes that, at one point, Energy Transfer Partners (the company behind the

Source: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Requested Fee to Allow Pipeline Prior to #NoDAPL Protests UPDATE: ETP Denies

See update below One of the most persistent rumors around the #NoDAPL protests is that the tribe is motivated less by some pure desire to protect the environment and/or sacred Native American lands but by money. Specifically, that the tribe wanted money from the pipeline company and didn’t get it, so now they’re protesting. I’ve

Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Says “We Feel Horrible for the Residents of North Dakota”

On my radio show today I had an interview with Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Trans Partners which is the company currently trying to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. I asked Warren about the impact the often violent, often unlawful protests against the pipeline have had on North Dakota. “We feel horrible for the residents

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Declines Federal Request to Voluntarily Halt Construction

Two federal court opinions have now struck down arguments against the Dakota Access Pipeline from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their activist lawyers, but the Obama administration continues to hold up an easement to cross U.S. Army Corps of Engineer land adjacent to and under the Missouri River/Lake Oahe reservoir. The Obama administration had