Plain Talk: Cramer Says NDSU Player Wearing Socialist Pin to Meet Trump Was Being “Respectful”


Rep. Kevin Cramer answers questions from the Grand Forks Herald editorial board Wednesday afternoon. (Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald)

On today’s Plain Talk podcast, Senator Kevin Cramer took listener submitted questions.

Responding to NDSU football player Jack Albrecht wearing a pin representing so-called “democratic socialism” to a meeting at the White House, Cramer said he didn’t see any problems.

“It’s fine,” he said, adding that he thought the political display “was respectful.”

Cramer also talked about a floor debate in the Senate over the “green new deal” he participated in just before the interview. During the debate one of the co-sponsors of that legislation, Democratic Senator Ed Markey, accused Republicans of being in the thrall of the Koch brothers. Cramer, in his own comments on the floor, pushed back and pointed out that the Kochs had actually opposed his election to the Senate.

“I wanted Ed to feel better about himself and me and not be so grump,” Cramer told me of the exchange. He called the “green new deal” legislation “a socialist’s dream.”

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