Video: The Koch Brothers Sure Did Senator Kevin Cramer a Favor When They Opposed His Candidacy


Railing against the “Koch brothers” is a staple of left-wing politics. To hear them tell it, Republicans are just marionettes whose strings are pulled by the Kochs and their various political enterprises.

In fact, just yesterday during floor debate over so-called “green new deal” legislation Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat and a co-sponsor of that policy, claimed repeatedly that Republican opposition to the plan was a Koch plot.

But North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer had a nice rebuttal to the claim, pointing out that the Kochs actually opposed his election to the Senate. Cramer and his people were so proud of dunking on Markey they put together a video mashup:

[fcc_jw_player key=”FoMQ34zz” /]

Cramer’s right that the Kochs were no friends to him in the 2018 election cycle.

They announced that they wouldn’t be supporting his Senate campaign. They even praised his opponent, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.

Cramer also feuded during the election cycle with Koch network operative, and White House legislative aid at the time, Marc Short.

Last year many thought the Koch-backed opposition to Cramer might cost him the election. In reality, Cramer won handily, and he now has a handy political weapon when Democrats wind up their rote talking points about the Koch brothers.

It seems like the Kochs did Cramer more help than hindrance.