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So Long David Koch

So Long David Koch

I’m saddened to hear that David Koch – industrialist, philanthropist, and hugely influential political activists – has passed away. Given how hated David and his brother Charles were among certain political circles I suspect there will be a lot of dancing-on-his-grave going on today. Which is unfortunate. Whatever you might think of the political inclinations

Video: The Koch Brothers Sure Did Senator Kevin Cramer a Favor When They Opposed His Candidacy

Railing against the “Koch brothers” is a staple of left-wing politics. To hear them tell it, Republicans are just marionettes whose strings are pulled by the Kochs and their various political enterprises. In fact, just yesterday during floor debate over so-called “green new deal” legislation Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat and a co-sponsor of that

Plain Talk: Cramer Says NDSU Player Wearing Socialist Pin to Meet Trump Was Being “Respectful”

On today’s Plain Talk podcast, Senator Kevin Cramer took listener submitted questions. Responding to NDSU football player Jack Albrecht wearing a pin representing so-called “democratic socialism” to a meeting at the White House, Cramer said he didn’t see any problems. “It’s fine,” he said, adding that he thought the political display “was respectful.” Cramer also

Audio: Senate Candidate Kevin Cramer Says Koch Brothers Snub Has Been “Very Good for Me,” Claims Fundraising Boost

Yesterday the Koch brothers network of political organizations made national headlines when they decided to announce that the wouldn’t be supporting Congressman Kevin Cramer’s bid to unseat Democratic Senate incumbent Heidi Heitkamp. Tim Phillips, head of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity group, even went so far as to call Cramer an “adversary.” I wondered yesterday

Podcast: Director for Koch Brothers Group Says “by No Means” Are They Endorsing Senator Heidi Heitkamp

Mike Fedorchak, the North Dakota director for Americans for Prosperity, was on the radio show today talking about his group’s surprising praise for Senator Heidi Heitkamp. The fiscally conservative group, backed by the Koch brothers, is running digital ads thanking Heitkamp for her vote on legislation deregulating banks. “By no means is this supporting or

Video: Protesters Say They Must Defend Freedom Of Speech By Blocking Koch Brothers Newspaper Purchase

The folks at Reason went down to an anti-Koch brothers protest at the LA Times headquarters and interviewed some of the protesters there about why they’re, well, protesting. It’s humorous to watch. One protester says she’s opposing the Koch brothers because America needs to be more “open minded.” No, really. She wants to block the

Democrats Threaten The LA Times Over Potential Koch Brothers Sale

The LA Times and several other publications all owned by the Tribune Company may be bought by the Koch brothers, the libertarian/conservative billionaires who have become bêtes noires for the left. So, naturally, everybody is freaking out. Because it’s ok when liberals/progressives own mainstream media outlets, but not anyone from the right. Anyway, now the