NDGOP Releases “Heidi’s Hiding” Video


The NDGOP has been doing this series of media releases called “Heidi’s Hiding,” a reference to Senator Heidi Heitkamp and her propensity to be a bit more politically left with her actions in Washington D.C. than she presents herself back here in North Dakota.

The latest is a video which hits Heitkamp on cooperation with Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and support for an Obama-era Iran deal which now looks to be a mistake:

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“Heidi Heitkamp has forgotten about North Dakota,” says NDGOP party chairman state Senator Kelly Armstrong. “It’s hard to believe she’d even consider running for office again, but apparently she is. Recent estimates have her with a large campaign fund paid for by some of the most liberal groups in the country. And we’ve already seen how destructive these radical left-wing factions can be. Heidi Heitkamp should be distancing herself from these people, but she seems more comfortable with them than with us.”

It’s not clear from the release if the NDGOP is just releasing this on the internet or if they’ll be broadcasting it as well.

Heitkamp’s campaign has come out swinging early in the 2018 election cycle, raising a mountain of money (mostly from out of state, as Armstrong notes) and no doubt hoping to keep serious challengers out of the race.

But the NDGOP has been aggressive in their messaging against Heitkamp so far, though it will be for naught without a strong candidate. So far the only Republican officially in the race to challenge Heitkamp is state Senator Tom Campbell, a well-monied milquetoast from Grafton.

Here’s the full release from the NDGOP:

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