James Kerian: Not Opposing Planned Parenthood? I Don't Want To Hear About Your Cause


I believe Roe v. Wade should be repealed. I believe federal law should declare that life begins at conception. And I believe states should regulate the enforcement of this law, as they do other laws against violence.” – Dr Ron Paul

The photo above of a preborn child was taken, according to Web MD, when she was twelve weeks from conception.  She has not yet finished her first trimester but you can clearly see her eyes, nose, chin, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers.  At this point in her development her life has no legal protection whatsoever anywhere in the United States.

Once she is born it would be a criminal case of child abandonment or child neglect if her parents declined to nourish her or allowed her to die from exposure.  Parents are required, by law, to use their bodies to keep their born child alive, at least until the responsibility can be safely transferred to someone else.  At twelve weeks, however, we euphemistically call it “choice” if a “doctor” is hired to brutally separate a child from the nourishment and protection of the parent she is immediately dependent on.

According to the CDC over 150,000 children at this stage of development or further along are killed by abortionists each year.  Many of them die right here in North Dakota where the Fargo abortion clinic advertises that it will do abortions until the 16th week of pregnancy.  According to the abortion lobby itself less than 2% of these abortions are to kill children who were conceived in rape/incest and for the vast majority of them there is no concern with the health of either the child or the mother.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]If you are doing nothing at all to grant children like the one pictured above equal protection under the law then I don’t want to hear about your concern for people who can’t afford health insurance.[/mks_pullquote]

Last week the news broke that the Director of Medical Services at the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, was caught on tape offering to sell the organs of the children that are killed in their facilities and explaining how they circumvent federal law against such activity by charging for the “transportation” of the organs in a way that allows them to “do a little better than break even.

Many hoped that this news would finally awaken some concern in the left half of the country for the rights of these children.  Despite what is obviously seen in the picture above we keep being told by progressives that the children killed in abortion are really just “clumps of cells” or “tissue.”  The absurdity of this, it was hoped, would become obvious when they saw the abortion providers selling “transportation” of the lungs, heart, and livers of these “clumps of cells.”

This was a vain hope.  Leftists have dismissed the video as “heavily edited” despite the fact that the full unedited version is publicly available and does nothing to improve the abortion industry’s image.  Congressional Democrats have defended the technical legality of Planned Parenthood’s actions as if that were somehow the point (the video itself shows their own explanation of how they are skirting the law).  When all else fails the pro-aborts resort to their time-honored insistence that pro lifers do not have to be listened to because they don’t care enough about poverty, or the death penalty, or the gender wage gap, or unjust wars, or affordable health insurance, or education, or gun violence, or contraceptive availability, or genocide in Darfur, or global warming, or the dangers of the confederate flag.

Pro Lifers too often respond to this nonsense by pointing to all the work they do for these causes or by letting the leftists change the subject to the merits of these concerns and their available remedies.  I think the time has come to turn the tables on this bizarre accusation.

If you are doing nothing at all to grant children like the one pictured above equal protection under the law then I don’t want to hear about your concern for people who can’t afford health insurance.  If you’re doing nothing to prevent her liver from being sold by the business that killed her then I don’t want to hear about your concern over the wars started by the military-industrial complex.  If you’re doing nothing to end the over five hundred million dollars in taxpayer money that is going to the nation’s largest abortion business then I don’t want to hear about how badly we need to invest in education.

There are lots of important issues.  I don’t deny that for a second.  But if you can’t get on the side of equal protection under the law for this child then all of your concern and compassion, and everything you say about justice and equality, has no credibility whatsoever.