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James Kerian: If Doug Burgum Stays This Conservative He Could Be A Great Governor

James Kerian: If Doug Burgum Stays This Conservative He Could Be A Great Governor

Doug Burgum is going to be the next governor of North Dakota.  If he governs on the positions he took at the beginning of his campaign this could be a disaster.  But if he governs in the way he presented himself over the last few weeks he may turn out to be a fantastic governor.

James Kerian: NC "Transgender" Battle Shows Why Republican Coalition Is Fracturing

North Carolina, like every other state in the country, has laws that require certain businesses to have restrooms. In North Carolina, like every other state in the country, businesses where large numbers of people gather provide one restroom for people with two X chromosomes (or, women, as your biology textbook might refer to them) and a different bathroom for people with one

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James Kerian: The NDGOP Has The Most Honest Delegate Selection Process

There’s a lot of public whining these days about the fact that North Dakota Republicans did not have a primary for the presidential race.  Instead everyone was eligible to vote at their local district meeting to elect delegates to the state convention and those delegates at the state convention then elected delegates to the national

James Kerian: The Case For Ted Cruz

It has been recently reported that the the North Dakota Republican convention this coming weekend will feature a more intense than usual contest for who will serve as North Dakota’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. It is expected that there will be a slate of would-be national convention delegates publicly supporting Donald Trump and a slate

James Kerian: Those Who Are Not Leftists Must Stand Together On Supreme Court Nominees

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, is absolutely right that the American people will have a[nother] say in the next Supreme Court Justice and that they will get that say this fall. But certainly Obama should be expected to make a nomination. Obama was reelected in 2012 and given a mandate

James Kerian: Despite Recent Supreme Court Decision, North Dakota Pro-Life Laws Find Success

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States denied Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s request that they review a lower court decision striking down HB 1456.  That law, passed with bi partisan support through the legislature and signed by Governor Dalrymple, would have prohibited elective abortion when the victim is so thoroughly developed that their heartbeat can

James Kerian: Have Courage And Be Kind To Those Concerned About Immigration

Every year around Thanksgiving my liberal friends post to their facebook walls little memes about native Americans building a wall to keep out the pilgrims or otherwise mocking concerns about our porous borders.  This has always struck me as a strange historical parallel for the open-borders crowd to draw.  It’s not as if things went