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James Kerian: Have Courage And Be Kind Towards Immigrants

James Kerian: Have Courage And Be Kind Towards Immigrants

My family was eating at the food court at the West Acres Mall in Fargo a few months ago when my daughter pointed towards a table behind me and said “I like her dress, it’s so pretty.” I turned around and saw that my daughter was pointing towards a little girl wearing a hijab (very

James Kerian: Our Immigration Policies Will Continue To Be Driven By Demographics

Following the recent attacks in Paris western nations are pretending, once again, to have a discussion about how many immigrants they should allow into their country and where they should allow those immigrants to come from. In this pretend discussion one side emphasizes the plight of refugees and the sense of solidarity that we ought

James Kerian: No Endgame For A Gun Control Movement Making No Progress

The violent crime rate is dropping.  The murder rate is dropping. Incidents of mass murder in the U.S. declined from 42 in the 1990s to 26 in the first decade of this century.  Another such incident occurred last week, however, so the left-wing outrage machine is gearing up for another fundraising scheme political campaign to be

James Kerian: Clintons Show That Democrats Will Do Anything For Abortion

There is a well established pattern for how political scandals are dealt with in our two-party system.  When John Edwards’ extramarital affair became public in 2007 Democrat operatives tried to speak about the issue as rarely as possible.  Republicans wanted to speak about it as much as possible.  Democrats tried to quietly remove Edwards from

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James Kerian: Heitkamp Campaigns For Corporate Welfare

For the last several weeks Senator Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp has been excoriating conservative Republicans for their opposition to the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im). Established during the Depression by Franklin Roosevelt, Ex-Im has become a leading symbol of crony capitalism.  Its purpose is to guarantees loans for foreign companies to buy U.S. goods. Predictably, Heitkamp has

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James Kerian: Is There Anything Planned Parenthood Could Do To Outrage The Left?

Last Friday Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell ruled that the Center for Medical Progress has First Amendment rights to release videos it covertly took of StemExpress executives talking about buying aborted baby tissue from Planned Parenthood.  The newly released videos, as promised, bring forth even more horrid revelations of activity that is both inhumane and

James Kerian: What If Democrats Actually Cared About Income Inequality?

In 2008 liberals hailed Obama for his promise to “spread the wealth around.”  But now even the most devoted liberals must acknowledge that income inequality has grown under this president. Disappointed in their would-be savior the left-wing activists have turned their hopes to seventy-four year old Bernie Sanders who has had absolutely no success whatsoever stemming