James Kerian: Clintons Show That Democrats Will Do Anything For Abortion


There is a well established pattern for how political scandals are dealt with in our two-party system.  When John Edwards’ extramarital affair became public in 2007 Democrat operatives tried to speak about the issue as rarely as possible.  Republicans wanted to speak about it as much as possible.  Democrats tried to quietly remove Edwards from the public eye so he wouldn’t damage the party’s image.  Republicans argued that Edwards was indicative of the low standards of the Democrat party as a whole.  The exact same pattern was followed for Herman Cain’s extramarital affair, the roles were simply reversed.

In 2008 it was revealed that Senator Chris Dodd had received a sweetheart deal on a loan from a large bank that he was regulating.  His fellow Democrats quietly pushed him out of public service while Republicans attempted, rather unsuccessfully, to draw attention to the matter.  Former Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay was similarly pushed aside by his colleagues when he was implicated in the Jack Abramoff scandal.

This is how Americans, of both parties, react to scandal.  With or without a conviction, whether or not the allegations are criminal, the implicated individual is moved aside for the greater good of the party/movement with which they were formerly associated.  In my lifetime there have been two exceptions to this pattern.

Twenty years ago Bill Clinton had an affair with a subordinate less than half his age and then lied about it under oath while testifying in a sexual harassment case. He put the entire Democrat party machinery into motion to lie for him and to denigrate the women he had exploited.  His wife dismissed both the investigators and the victims of her husband’s behavior as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  When the truth finally came out a few staffers resigned and a few donors expressed regrets that they had supported the President but the overwhelming majority of the Democrat party stood by him, kept him in the public eye, kept him in office as the standard bearer for their party.  One liberal journalist explained in a famously graphic way that this loyalty to Clinton was driven by the need “for keeping abortion legal” during those dangerous days for the left when Republicans had taken a Congressional majority for the first time in forty years.

Two months ago the Center For Medical Progress began releasing undercover videos showing that Planned Parenthood is killing thousands of children each month who are so thoroughly developed that their hearts, livers, kidneys and other organs can be individually harvested.  The videos show that Planned Parenthood has “partnered” with companies like StemExpress to provide these companies with the organs they have harvested and that Planned Parenthood has received money in exchange for providing these organs.

In order to stay out of prison the executives at Planned Parenthood have to state that the money they receive is only a reimbursement for their costs in harvesting the organs.  They also have to state that they do not alter or change the abortion procedure in any way in order to allow them to better harvest organs.  The problem is that the videos (for those who still haven’t watched them) clearly show that when they believe they are talking privately to purchasers of baby organs Planned Parenthood executives will state they have experience changing the procedure to better harvest organs and that they expect to financially benefit from the exchange.  The most recently released videos corroborate a whistleblower’s early accusation that Planned Parenthood often delivers children whole and then kills them by vivisection in order to better harvest their organs.

The evidence of immoral and inhumane activity is uncontested.  The evidence of illegal activity is overwhelming.  Yet the loyalty from the American left to Planned Parenthood is absolutely unwavering.  Responding to Republican attempts to defund the abortion giant Hillary Clinton said recently “Extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be President.”

The American left dropped its support for ACORN as quickly as they dropped John Edwards or Chris Dodd but they will stand by Planned Parenthood to the bitter end the same way they stood by Bill Clinton.  Katha Pollitt explains why in her recent piece at the Nation: “Even If You Haven’t Had an Abortion, You Owe Planned Parenthood.”

“I also don’t mean to suggest that only women who have had abortions have a responsibility here. If you or your child or your boyfriend
(8 percent of Planned Parenthood’s patients are men) ever visited a Planned Parenthood clinic for birth control or STI treatment, you owe them. If you have had sex without intending pregnancy; or a pregnancy scare that didn’t send you completely over the wall; or made education, career, or life plans that depended on postponing childbearing, you owe Planned Parenthood.”

This is the fundamental value of the Democrat party.  The ability to copulate without consequences is, in their minds, the cornerstone of modern civilization.  It doesn’t matter to them that Planned Parenthood is hacking up newborns.  It wouldn’t matter to them if Planned Parenthood was hacking up toddlers.  It didn’t matter to them that Bill Clinton was sexually exploiting his subordinates and committing perjury about it to escape consequences for sexual assault. As long as they believe that Planned Parenthood is essential to their most prized freedom American leftists will not turn their backs on the organization no matter what it does.  Democrats will do anything for abortion.