Governor Dalrymple Receiving Death Threats Over Signing Pro-Life Legislation UPDATED: Gov Says No Threats


Yesterday news broke that a pro-abortion activist had been arrested for threatening the life of state Senator Margaret Sitte, who is a champion of pro-life legislation here in North Dakota.

Now, according to a Facebook posting from a group started to oppose the pro-life legislation, Governor Jack Dalrymple has been receiving death threats as well:


The abortion debate in North Dakota has been getting out of hand (the debate on social media has been nothing short of nauseating), and I have to wonder what culpability commentators such as the editorial boards at the Grand Forks Herald and the Fargo Forum have for this.

Those papers – who preach “civility” at times – have taken to calling supports of this legislation, which passed with wide and bi-partisan majorities, “extremists” and worse. They’ve been pouring gasoline onto what is already a volatile situation, and now we’re seeing the debate taking a very dark turn.

It’s one thing to be passionate about an issue. It’s one thing to become overwrought when things don’t go your way. I’ve been there. It’s hard to lose. But threatening people is inexcusable.

Update: The governor’s office has contacted me and said there have been no threats. Clearly, though, the pro-abortion folks heard something which made them update their status.