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John Andrist: Searching for Civility Amid Conflict

John Andrist: Searching for Civility Amid Conflict

A recent, brief visit with Tina Simonson Moe rekindled memories of her mom, Ailsa Simonson, and the special relationship we shared. Ailsa was a full-blown Democrat activist in her heyday, probably the strongest party leader Divide County ever produced. She rose to the position of state chairman of Democratic women during the party’s North Dakota zenith, at

Kathleen Wrigley: Nice Matters

My sister-in-law, Tanya, gave me a sign for Christmas last year. Its inscription is simple, but important. It reads, “because nice matters…” We know this. We don’t necessarily need any urging from others. Being nice is a bit like chocolate—one taste is never enough and it makes everyone happy. Kindness is contagious. And, it’s universally

The Watchword For North Dakota Democrats Is "Extreme"

A reader emailed this to me last night regarding a telephone fundraising pitch she received on behalf of the North Dakota Democrat party: Hi Rob, Received an out of state call (MN, I believe) from a firm fundraising for the ND Dems. Not news, I suppose, but the call itself is pretty sad and outrageous.

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North Dakota's Editorial Bullies

Have the rest of you noticed the tone of the state’s editorial boards, specifically those of the state’s two biggest newspapers in Grand Forks and Fargo, becoming increasingly shrill? As a conservative, you get used to hostility toward your ideas and philosophy from the state’s media. That’s nothing new. Nor are intemperate diatribes from the

Governor Dalrymple Receiving Death Threats Over Signing Pro-Life Legislation UPDATED: Gov Says No Threats

Yesterday news broke that a pro-abortion activist had been arrested for threatening the life of state Senator Margaret Sitte, who is a champion of pro-life legislation here in North Dakota. Now, according to a Facebook posting from a group started to oppose the pro-life legislation, Governor Jack Dalrymple has been receiving death threats as well:

Dorso Column: On Civility In Politics

Today I wasn’t on the water. I found time to get IHEART Radio on my I Pad so I could listen to KFYR. It was interesting listening to former state Senator Heitkamp discuss the issues. Joel certainly knows how the process works as his interview with newly elected Senator Sinner illustrated. What I found intriguing

Father Of Sandy Hook Victim: "The Problem Is Not Gun Laws"

I’m normally a little suspicious of giving absolute moral authority to the victims/family of victims/friends of victims of some tragedy on public policy issues. Just because you got hurt, or your loved one died, doesn’t necessarily make you any more right than the rest of us when it comes to public policy. That being said,