The Watchword For North Dakota Democrats Is "Extreme"


A reader emailed this to me last night regarding a telephone fundraising pitch she received on behalf of the North Dakota Democrat party:

Hi Rob,

Received an out of state call (MN, I believe) from a firm fundraising for the ND Dems. Not news, I suppose, but the call itself is pretty sad and outrageous.

The woman on the other end was hard to understand because she mumbled her script in a monotone voice the entire time. “The Republicans passed the most radical anti-woman legislation in the country. They gave big tax breaks to oil companies and refused to fund children’s programs like Head Start.”

Nothing new, but the sheer hyperbole involved in the vocabulary and tone of the script would have made me extremely mad in any other circumstances. Delivered by someone reading the phone book or a grocery list to me, it was merely annoying.

Then was the kicker: The party needs money to (whatever, hard to understand). Would I like to pledge $100?

A hundred bucks? For WHAT? If I *were* a rabid Democrat, I’d be a) hard-pressed to be asked for $100 right off the bat, and b) hesitant to give a dime to this half-hearted attempt to raise my hackles and stir the pot.

I ended the call by telling her no, I didn’t believe a single word she’d said, I’m a libertarian, not a Republican, I follow the news and paid attention to the Legislature and nothing she said was true. Meh.

I’m just astounded at the absolutely inept BALLS this political organization has. Apparently they simply need to repeat the words “Republican” “Radical” “Women” “Oil” “Children” and forget about anything in between, and they expect Democrats to simply open their veins and pay them a week’s worth of grocery money because they asked for it.

I’ve been noticing North Dakota Democrats taking on a more strident tone of late. A quick search of my archived emails shows they used the word “extreme” or some variation to describe Republicans or Republican policies some 62 times in email blasts during the legislative session.

I thought it was interesting when, earlier this year, North Dakota Democrats adopted an official resolution claiming that women were in “emergent danger” in North Dakota simply because they’re women:

North Dakota Republicans have denied and turned their backs on the emergent danger women face by simply being women in this state

This thoroughly marginalized party obviously intends to pave a path out of the political wilderness on the back of hatred, intolerance and victimhood.

And the state’s editorialists, normally quick to lecture about civility and bipartisanship, will be largely silent about it.