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New North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum speaks with cabinet members on his first day of office Thursday morning at the state Captiol in Bismarck. There are 17 cabinet positions with Burgum replacing a few of the postions with new members or with people filling in for the interim during the transition from former Gov. Jack Dalrymple's administration.12-15-2016

After Controversy Under Dalrymple Legislation Would Cap Bonuses for Governor’s Staff, Appointees at $5000

After Controversy Under Dalrymple Legislation Would Cap Bonuses for Governor’s Staff, Appointees at $5000

Back in late 2015 nearly $100,000 in bonuses handed out by former Governor Jack Dalrymple caused no small amount of controversy in the state. They went to five employees, including nearly $32,000 to Chief of Staff Ron Rauschenberger (who has stayed on on current Governor Doug Burgum’s transition into office). Dalrymple’s spokesman Jeff Zent defended the

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum applauds members of law enforcement during his State of the State address to the legislature January 3, 2017.

Video: Burgum Plugs Bing, Promotes Education, and Promises End to Property Tax Buy Downs During State of the State

Governor Doug Burgum delivered the first State of the State address of his term in office to lawmakers today. Here’s the full video, which isn’t really all that long and would be worth your time to watch. I put some of my thoughts below: An energetic new tone “The new governor—though he projects an image

Doug Burgum listens as Ed Schafer is honored at his farewell reception at the Gorecki Alumni Center at UND Thursday. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Governor Doug Burgum Should Just Accept His Salary Already

During his campaign earlier this year Doug Burgum vowed to turn down his salary if elected governor. Well, he won. Now Governor Burgum says he’s got a legal team on the problem of how to legally turn down his salary. “You would think that as governor that on the first day you could say, ‘I refuse

A man rests on top of a hill inside of the Oceti Sakowin camp as "water protectors" continue to demonstrate against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, N.D., Dec. 2, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Audio: ND Indian Affairs Commish Says It’s “Unfortunate” That Some Are Staying in #NoDAPL Camps

On my radio show today I had on Scott Davis, North Dakota’s Commissioner for Indian Affairs. Scott is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and helped coordinate the recent meeting between Governor Jack Dalrymple, Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, and five other members of the tribe’s council. He also attended the meeting. “It

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple, left, and Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman David Archambault, right.

Standing Rock Chairman Tells Governor #NoDAPL Protest Camps May Be Empty by January 1

Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office has sent out a press release today detailing a meeting between the governor and Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman David Archambault. According to the release the meeting was attended by five other members of the Standing Rock tribal council as well as Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, North Dakota Indian Affairs Director Scott

Dalrymple’s Budget Contains Massive Line Item to Implement Foolish Medical Marijuana Measure

In yet another example of how deeply unwise it is to legislate at the ballot box, get a load of this bullet point from page 157 of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s executive budget summary (see below) presented to lawmakers at their organizational session earlier this week: These proposed additions would be to the Department of Health’s

The logo for BreatheND which is the name used in advertising for the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, a North Dakota state agency created by voters on the 2008 ballot.

Governor Jack Dalrymple Proposes Closing Down BreatheND, North Dakota’s Tobacco Taliban

The “Tobacco Taliban” is what state lawmakers, in private moments, call the bureaucratic zealots at the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, a state agency created by an initiated measure in 2008 which you know better as BreatheND. The Legislature has disdained this state agency for years now. Back during the 2013 session the House

Governor Jack Dalrymple Bismarck Tribune photo

Video: Gov. Dalrymple Delivers Final Budget Address, Credits Law Enforcement for #NoDAPL Response

In North Dakota state law requires that we convene a session of our Legislature every January in odd-numbered years, just weeks after the election. It also requires that lawmakers hold an organization session in December and that at this session the Governor delivers a budget address. But oddly, when we elect a new governor, the

Former North Dakota governor Ed Schafer

Audio: Former Gov. Ed Schafer Says He Doesn’t Think “State Has Done a Good Job” Handling #NoDAPL

I had former Governor Ed Schafer on my radio show today and while most of our conversation focused on the upcoming legislative session – he had some interesting perspective on Doug Burgum coming in as a first-term governor – but his most interesting comments were about the State of North Dakota’s handling of the #NoDAPL

The Oceti Sakowin camp is seen at sunrise during a protest against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, U.S. November 2, 2016. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

State of North Dakota to Block Supplies for #NoDAPL Camp

Last night in an update to my post about Governor Jack Dalrymple’s evacuation order for unpermitted #NoDAPL encampments on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land I quoted Department of Emergency Services PIO Cecily Fong as saying the order allows the state to block supplies for the camp. “What this does is it gives us –


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