Will Senator Heitkamp Speak Out Against Dems Roadblocking Resolution Honoring Margaret Thatcher?


heidi heitkamp

In Great Britain they’re getting ready to bury Margaret Thatcher, that country’s first female Prime Minister. But here in America, Senate Democrats are roadblocking a resolution to honor her.

Congress passes a lot of resolutions honoring everything from awareness months to championship sports teams. They’re usually passed unanimously and with little fanfare. So the news that Democrats are blocking Thatcher’s resolution – no doubt because she was an outspoken conservative leader – is just plain petty.

And interesting, given what Democrats believe about the supposed Republican “war on women.” Whatever one might think about Thatcher’s politics, there’s little doubt that she had an admirable career of public service and was a role model for other women around the world.

Which is maybe why our friends on the left don’t want to honor Thatcher. They don’t want her memory being a reminder that maybe folks on the right don’t hate women.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp, in particular, has made much political hay out of this idea of a “war on women.” Heitkamp also campaigned on what she promised would be a willingness to rise above – to be independent of – petty partisan politics.

Here’s yet another chance. Heitkamp should encourage her party to stop discriminating against an accomplished woman simply because of her politics.