What The Fargo Forum Thinks Of Western North Dakotans


When you live in western North Dakota you get used to a certain level of elitism coming from the Fargo-centric media. Stories about western North Dakota coming from media outlets based in the Rid River Valley often have the tone of people who feel like they’re standing on the edge of civilization peering out into some backward wasteland.

You often get the feeling that these people would rather be the western edge of Minnesota than the eastern edge of North Dakota.

But it’s not often the Fargo media is as blunt about their disdain for western North Dakotans as they were in this editorial cartoon about census numbers showing the western part of the state growing. Here’s how they portrayed the average western North Dakotan, complete with “wife-beater” and beer can:


When the Fargo Forum isn’t busy filling their editorial pages with belittling invective (not to mention fat jokes), they’re portraying citizens of the state west of Jamestown as a bunch of drunken rubes.

Way to stay classy, Forum.