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Former Senator Dorgan Writes Sequel To Novel Which Cast Oil Speculators As Terrorists

Former Senator Dorgan Writes Sequel To Novel Which Cast Oil Speculators As Terrorists

Since retiring from the US Senate, Byron Dorgan has been writing fiction. Or, given that his previous non-fiction books were ghost written, paying someone to write it for him. His first fiction novel, Blowout, was a depressing assemblage of left-wing conspiracy theories about the energy industry, featuring evil hedge fund managers who try to derail

Dorso Column: Give Legislature Credit For Pro-Life Bills And Other Achievements

I haven’t reviewed all of the legislation that was passed this session but I think there are some remarkable achievements legislators should get credit for. The following list is not necessarily indicative of the importance of each issue but I think they are significant. First I believe putting the abortion issue in front of the

Shocker: Senate Strips $375 Million Out Income Tax Cuts Passed By The House

About the only bright spot for tax relief this legislative session was a half-billion dollar package of corporate and personal income taxes passed by the House. Unfortunately, and as expected, the state Senate has watered those tax cuts down to the paltry $125 million in cuts proposed in Governor Jack Dalrymple’s executive budget. And Senate

Guest Post: Legislator Doesn't See Any Truth To Charges Of Fraud Against Shirvani

In response to the theatrics that occurred in the House committee yesterday in which charges of fraud were alleged. I found the whole thing to be unprofessional, inappropriate and without merit. Anyone who listened to the NDUS CIO and Chancellor Shirvani’s response to the allegations couldn’t possibly find any merit to the charges. There has

What The Fargo Forum Thinks Of Western North Dakotans

When you live in western North Dakota you get used to a certain level of elitism coming from the Fargo-centric media. Stories about western North Dakota coming from media outlets based in the Rid River Valley often have the tone of people who feel like they’re standing on the edge of civilization peering out into

Legislator Offers Amendment Buying Out North Dakota Higher Ed Chancellor Because Of "Questionable" Leadership

Yesterday we broke the news here on Say Anything that legislators were considering some sort of a “vote of no confidence” in North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani which might take the form of a buyout of Shirvani’s contract. Today state Senator Tony Grindberg has announced that he’ll be offering an amendment to the

ND House Votes To Keep In Place Unenforceable Law

Perhaps the most interesting debate in the legislature today was over a bill that would have repealed the state’s regulation of tanning. The bill was HB1188 introduced by Rep. Dan Ruby, who argued that current laws regulating the amount of tanning a North Dakotan can do are unenforceable. Rep. Ruby believes, rightly, that whatever your

Should North Dakota Allow Earlier Sunday Openings?

The Sunday closing law is a fascinating one because a lot of the support and opposition to it. Rep. Rick Becker has introduced HB1437 which doesn’t mandate an end to Sunday closing laws but rather gives local government the option of allowing businesses to be open (this is different from HB1367 introduced by Rep. Randy

"Guns Across America" Rally Coming To Bismarck This Saturday

Guns Across America is an effort to hold rallies in each state capitol across the country on January 19th. So far it seems they’ve organized in 47 states, and North Dakota is one of them. If you’re a North Dakotan, you can get more information about the rally in Bismarck here. It will be held