Wes Belter: Who Is You, Senator Heitkamp?


This guest post was submitted by Wes Belter who represented District 22 in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1985 to 2016.

Senator Heitkamp says “The only one I listen to is you.”

Now we know what she means by “you.”

In Heitkamp’s world, “you” means east and west coast senators like Schumer, Feinstein, Harris and Booker as well as many liberal out-of-state radical groups that have donated over fourteen million dollars to Senator Heitkamp’s campaign. It is stunning that Senator Heitkamp, a former attorney general and chief law officer of North Dakota, supports those who take the position that the accused is guilty until proven innocent in the process of selecting a Supreme Court Justice.

Innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of our legal system. We cannot preserve our democratic republic if politics takes precedence over justice.

For the welfare of all citizens, I hope that Senator Heitkamp listened to Senator Collin’s Senate floor speech on October 5. Senator Collin’s speech sheds light on the shameful reasoning of Senator Heitkamp’s rational for voting against Judge Kavanaugh. In short, the Democrats attempted to destroy the integrity of Judge Kavanaugh and it devastate the lives of Mrs. Kavanaugh and their family.

Finally, Senator Heitkamp demonstrated that she has no regard for the rights of Dr. Ford. The Democratic Senators exploited Dr. Ford for their own political agenda by revealing her identity when she requested to remain private. By doing so, the Democrats demonstrated a total disregard for the privacy and protection of all women and their rights.

I find it hard to believe that Senator Heitkamp’s words and actions represent the values and principles of the citizens of North Dakota.