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Wes Belter: Who Is You, Senator Heitkamp?

Wes Belter: Who Is You, Senator Heitkamp?

This guest post was submitted by Wes Belter who represented District 22 in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1985 to 2016. Senator Heitkamp says “The only one I listen to is you.” Now we know what she means by “you.” In Heitkamp’s world, “you” means east and west coast senators like Schumer, Feinstein,

Sixteen North Dakota House Members Had Perfect Attendance

Following up on yesterday’s post about attendance in the state legislature, we saw that Republicans were a bit better at showing up to work than Democrats. Now let’s take a closer look at the House of Representatives (Senate tomorrow). The full ranking is below. First, let’s give some credit to the sixteen legislators from both

Late Into The Night, Legislature Votes To Buy Up $865 Million Worth Of Local Property Taxes

The House and Senate finally found some common ground on property taxes after a row kicked off yesterday morning when the House reconsidered, and rejected, Governor Jack Dalrymple’s plan to have the state effectively take over education funding from the local governments. Here’s what went down: Governor Dalrymple’s $714 million education mills buy-down was reduced