Video: Senator John Hoeven Named Letterman's "Stooge Of The Week" Over Gun Control Vote


According to David Letterman last night, Senator John Hoeven is a “stooge” because he voted against gun control legislation despite a poll from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group which suggests that 94% of North Dakotans oppose gun control.

So, Hoeven is a “stooge” because he voted against the wishes of his constituents. But that’s only true if we believe the poll from the anti-gun group is an accurate measure of the sentiments of North Dakotans.

It isn’t, as evidenced by the fact that North Dakota’s other Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, voted against her own party to defeat the gun control bill.

Heitkamp did that, incurring the wrath of liberals across the nation, because she knows which way the political winds in North Dakota blow when it comes to gun control.

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