University System Big-Wigs Have “No Complaints” About Big Budget Increases

dean bresciani

Senator Bowman hits the nail on the head, I think. If they’re not complaining, it must be too much money.

BISMARCK – North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani told legislators Tuesday that his presentation of a wish list for the next two years would be a quick one because of the school’s “exceptionally strong support” for Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s executive budget.

University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley echoed that sentiment, saying he was pleased the budget proposal released by the governor last month included funding for a critical renovation and expansion at the university’s School of Law, in addition to a major shift in the state’s higher education funding formula and money for other large construction projects on many of the state’s 11 campuses.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ray Holmberg, R-Grand Forks, said Bresciani and Kelley weren’t the first campus leaders to say they had easy pitches to make because they support the budget. It’s a phenomenon he said prompted committee Vice Chairman Bill Bowman, R-Bowman, to jokingly comment that if everyone supports it, it must be “way too much money.”

Of course, why would the higher ed officials complain? Despite poor academic records and a raft of scandals highlight lax accountability, hostility toward accountability and outright fraud their budget increase looks like this:


A 150% budget increase since 2003-05 to educate just 8.5% more students.

No, they really shouldn’t be complaining.

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