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Doug Burgum Campaign Appears To Get Celebrity Endorsement

Doug Burgum Campaign Appears To Get Celebrity Endorsement

Here’s actor, and North Dakota native, Josh Duhamel casually taking a picture wearing a Doug Burgum campaign shirt. Friday traffic in L.A. sucks. Posted by Josh Duhamel on Friday, April 8, 2016 Duaheml pushed the same picture to his prodigious Twitter and Instagram following as well. A little gratuitous, I think. It’s hard to imagine that

Doug Burgum Fundraises For North Dakota Gubernatorial Campaign In California

Last week NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum retweeted this from Doug Power, the CEO of the Perkins School for the Blind: With next Gov of North Dakota @StanfordBiz classmate Doug Burgum @DougForDakota — Dave Power (@PerkinsCEO) March 9, 2016 That’s clearly a Burgum campaign event in the picture, what with the big Doug Burgum

John Olsud: If Legislating Through The Courts Is Bad, How About Legislating Through AG Opinion?

Much attention has been paid in recent weeks to decisions of the United States Supreme Court. Critics claim the Court is legislating when it interprets the language in the constitution. This article is about a similar issue involving not the courts but opinions of the Attorney General of this state. During my years as director

Rep. Kevin Cramer Not Pleased With His Son's Common Core Math Homework

Even though North Dakota’s state legislators have had a robust debate over controversial Common Core education standards the state’s federal delegation has largely stayed silent on the issue. But it seems that Rep. Kevin Cramer is entirely happy with the standards. He tweeted out a picture of his son’s math homework seeming to argue that

Review: The Interview Hardly Seems Worth The Fuss (Spoilers)

When I saw in my social media feeds that The Interview was available for download/streaming I immediately bought a copy. At that point, I kind of felt like it was my duty as an American. No gang of thugs, be they sponsored by North Korea or independently-operating rogues, is going to dictate to me what movies

From 2012 To 2013 North Dakota Had The Largest Increase In Government Tax Collections In The Nation

Check out this map… ND had largest increase in state government tax collections from 2012-2013 at 27.8% — ND Counties (@ndcounties) June 9, 2014 Above is an interesting map posted to Twitter today by the North Dakota Association of Counties. It shows the rate of change in state government tax collections from 2012 to

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Heidi Heitkamp's "Fix My Mail" Postal Event In Williston Was "Embarrassing" According To Attendee

Yesterday North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp invited one of her Democrat colleagues to Williston for a roundtable discussion about postal delivery issues, something Heitkamp describes as her “Fix My Mail” initiative. Postal service has been a frustrating issue for many in North Dakota. A booming population here has lead to a spike in demand for postal

Maybe 100 Protesters At University Of North Dakota "Siouxper Drunk" March

A SAB reader was kind enough to send these photos in of the protest march at the University of North Dakota today. Looking at the photos, I’m guessing maybe about 100 attendees, which isn’t too bad of a turnout given the short notice and the fact that most students had finals today. A group of