Doug Burgum Campaign Appears To Get Celebrity Endorsement


Here’s actor, and North Dakota native, Josh Duhamel casually taking a picture wearing a Doug Burgum campaign shirt.

Friday traffic in L.A. sucks.

Posted by Josh Duhamel on Friday, April 8, 2016

Duaheml pushed the same picture to his prodigious Twitter and Instagram following as well.

A little gratuitous, I think. It’s hard to imagine that Duhamel, a celebrity well schooled in the arts of product placement, just happened to be wearing a Burgum t-shirt while stuck in traffic.

Anyway, good for the Burgum campaign. Duhamel is beloved by North Dakotans, as well he should be. He’s a great guy who has done a lot for his home state.

Hopefully, though, voters will cast their ballots – be they for Burgum or his opponent Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem – on the issues and not a celebrity endorsement.