Heidi Heitkamp's "Fix My Mail" Postal Event In Williston Was "Embarrassing" According To Attendee

heidi heitkamp

heitkamppostYesterday North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp invited one of her Democrat colleagues to Williston for a roundtable discussion about postal delivery issues, something Heitkamp describes as her “Fix My Mail” initiative.

Postal service has been a frustrating issue for many in North Dakota. A booming population here has lead to a spike in demand for postal services even as, nationally, the postal service grapples with declining revenues. But if the turnout at Senator Heitkamp’s event in Williston is any indication, it’s not quite the hot-button issue for the public it’s been made out to be.

Despite Senator Heitkmap flying Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat from Delaware, all the way out to the oil patch the event was attended by just one member of the public, just one member of the media.

Apparently, not even all the roundtable participants were on hand.

A SAB reader in attendance (apparently the only person from the general public on hand) sends along this description as well as the picture to the right:

Here is a pic of the “crowd” this morning. There was a reporter from the Williston paper in the audience and that was it. 4 staffers – 3 from Heitkamp and 1 from Carper. Most of the people they had table tents for to sit at the table were no shows. There were 2 CAC members, the publisher of the Herald and the rest were postal people.

Pretty embarrassing.

It seems that way.

The Williston Herald published a lengthy article at the meeting, which failed to note the roundtable participants who were a no-show as well as the utter lack of interest from the public itself.