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Auditor Gallion Needs to Be Careful Not to Prove His Critics Right

Auditor Gallion Needs to Be Careful Not to Prove His Critics Right

First-term state Auditor Josh Gallion, who recently announced his intention to seek another term in office, has earned himself a lot of praise. His aggressive and incisive audits have been something of a revelation, showing a willingness to uncover real problems in state and local government dominated by members of Gallion’s own political party. In

Plain Talk: Students Going to Class in a Closet?

Williston Herald editor Jamie Kelly said he didn’t believe the stories about students in his local school district attending class in what were once closets. But then he saw it with is own eyes. The problem? The state’s funding mechanism for local school districts, combined with western North Dakota’s low population density, has created some

Williston Mayor Told Heitkamp Campaign Not to Use His Comments as an Endorsement, They Kind of Did Anyway

As a part of her bid to get re-elected, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been touting comments from local officials in campaign press releases. Among them Williston Mayor Howard Klug. It’s hard to say how much these local endorsements matter – typically they do little to sway voters – but a western North Dakota endorsement for

Williston City Commission Renews Ban on Crew Camps With a Dollop of Hypocrisy

The City of Williston, epicenter of North Dakota’s now-faded oil boom, has been fighting a war on certain business models. Whether it’s food trucks or crew camp facilities serving workers who rotate into and out of the region, the city has been using the law to eliminate competition with more permanent business models. Like restaurants

Funny How Nobody Wants Rent Control When Rents Are Falling

Two years ago, in the throes of a housing shortage driven by the Bakken oil boom, the Williston Herald called for rent control in an editorial. “It has been well-established that rent control is illegal in the state of North Dakota, but it is also gaining momentum from residents and activists seeking change,” the paper wrote.

AG: City of Williston Broke Open Meeting Law With Meetings About Man Camp Ban

A federal judge has enjoined the City of Williston from enforcing a controversial ordinance which would have banned temporary worker housing businesses from operating there starting July 1. Part of the federal judge’s reasoning for issuing the injunction was his opinion that the city had likely violated their own ordinances requiring a super-majority vote to

Judge: The Williston City Commission Ignored Their Own Ordinances, Attorney In Banning "Man Camps"

With demand for housing fading alongside oil industry activity, the Williston City Commission decided to try and shore up demand for overbuilt hotel rooms and apartment units by banning crew camps within their jurisdiction. Crew camps are temporary housing built by companies to serve workers who rotate in and out of the region. The idea is

Target Logistics Sues The City Of Williston In "Man Camps" Fight

The folks at Target Logistics just dropped a press releasing announcing a lawsuit, filed in both state and federal court, against the City of Williston over the man camps fight. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Williston’s city leaders have passed an ordinance to ban man camps – or “crew camps” to