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Senator Ray Holmberg: "No Comment" On Supporting Higher Ed Board President

Senator Ray Holmberg: "No Comment" On Supporting Higher Ed Board President

Governor Jack Dalrymple will be making appointments to the State Board of Higher Education for new four-year terms. Dalrymple currently has six candidates before him, including current board Chairwoman Kirsten Diederich who is seeking a second term. But there is some opposition to Diederich getting another term. Several lawmakers have told me that Senator Ray

SBHE Approves Sweetheart Deal For Sanford Nursing College

Yesterday I wrote about a proposal before the State Board of Higher Education today to have North Dakota State University take over a nursing college in Bismarck run by Sanford Health. Legislators I’ve spoken to have expressed concern about the deal, pointing out that three people involved in the transaction for the university system (Chancellor

State Senator: REAC Building Loan May Be Illegal

The interim Government Finance Committee is addressing the controversial REAC building sale from the now-defunct UND Research Foundation to the University of North Dakota. North Dakota University System Chancellor threw himself under the bus on the sale, apologizing to the State Board of Higher Education for handling it inappropriately. Legislators are upset that the deal

Video: Chancellor Skogen Apologizes For Handling Of REAC Building Sale

The sale of a research building from now-closed down UND Research Foundation to the University of North Dakota itself has raised eyebrows. The legislature is currently investigating the matter (an interim committee is hearing it today), but at a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education a contrite Chancellor Larry Skogen apologized for the

State Board Of Higher Ed Member Suspended From Practicing Law

State Board of Higher Education member Grant Shaft, the former president of the board, has been suspended by the North Dakota Supreme Court from practicing law for 30 days. Here’s the docket. A pertinent excerpt from the order: In the Stipulated Facts and Conclusions of the Stipulation, Consent to Discipline and Recommendations of Hearing Panel,

NDSU Has Paid Over $700,000 In Settlements With Employees Since 2009

Last week on January 30th, during a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education, North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani stood up to make a report to the board. After making a crack about how he can’t win any aviation awards because he doesn’t own an airplane (UND President Bob Kelly had reported

Here's What Legislators Are Investigating With Regard To UND's REAC Building

Yesterday news broke that the legislature would be investigating the sale of the REAC building from the UND Research Foundation to the University of North Dakota. I spent some time yesterday talking with legislative friends, including some member of the legislature’s interim Government Finance Committee, chaired by Rep. Jeff Delzer, to find out what it’s


Bresciani Emails Found, University System Apparently Getting A House Cleaning

Some very interesting developments in the email scandal at North Dakota State University today that make me think back to a line that President Dean Bresciani wrote about former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani in an email obtained by Forum Communications: “start getting bids from movers.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m told by multiple

Angry University President Gets His Diaper Changed By Higher Ed Board

KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson Yesterday Minot State University President David Fuller, who was “so furious his voice was shaking” according to the Minot Daily News, demanded that outgoing Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s evaluation of him be expunged from his record. He also expressed outrage that his evaluation would appear on a blog before he had a chance

Dorso Column: Shirvani Leaving Means Little Will Change In Higher Ed

Since the wife and I were off to England and Normandy the higher education story has gotten even worse than I expected. The board fires Shirvani for doing what they asked of him because it upset some folks. Those folks being mainly the college presidents who didn’t like the direction Mr. Shirvani was taking things