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Higher Ed Board Approves Bailout Purchase For Dickinson State Foundation

Higher Ed Board Approves Bailout Purchase For Dickinson State Foundation

The Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee (LAFRC) has voted for audits for the state’s university foundations, and it wasn’t even close. During its January 29 meeting, LAFRC voted 11-4 for the audits. The folks at the universities aren’t happy about it, including NDSU President Dean Bresciani who claims that the state doesn’t have the

Higher Ed Board To Consider Asking Legislature For DSU Foundation Bailout

The most recent chapter in the on-going feud between lawmakers and North Dakota’s university system has to do with university foundations. These organizations like to think of themselves as private entities separate from public universities they serve, but Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has ruled in legal opinions that they must adhere to open records laws,

SBHE Candidate Steps Down After SAB Post

Yesterday I wrote about SBHE member Kevin Melicher embarrassing himself during testimony before a Senate committee. The guy was clueless about some of the scandals which happened at Dickinson State University, though today the Fargo Forum editorializes in his defense which isn’t surprising because he’s definitely a rubber stamp for NDSU on the board (the guy is

Dalrymple Higher Ed Board Nominee Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Senate Committee

Last week Kevin Melicher, one of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s nominees to fill four vacancies on the State Board of Higher Education, got a hearing before a state Senate committee. It didn’t go well. “As many as 20 senators sat in in his hearing where he embarrassed himself by not having basic knowledge he could have

New Higher Ed Board President Kicks Off Tenure With A Jab At The Legislature

“New chair of ND higher education board has easy-going style,” reads the headline from the Associated Press over an article about new State Board of Higher Education President Terry Hjelmstad. Hjelmstad took over in that position after his predecessor, Kirsten Diederich, resigned from the board rather than face a tough re-appointment hearing from lawmakers upset

University System Governance Isn't Some Parochial Pissing Match

State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich resigned rather than face a tough re-appointment review from state Senators who are generally not pleased with the university system’s performance of late. Now Governor Jack Dalrymple must choose a replacement, and the Grand Forks Herald is campaigning to ensure that replacement has ties to Grand Forks and/or

On Television: Kirsten Diederich Resignation Is A Start To Fixing Higher Ed

After taking some time off I made a glorious return to Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program last night. I apologize in advance for the cruddy audio. I didn’t have Skype set to pick up the right microphone, so instead of broadcasting my lapel mic Skype was picking up the audio from my radio

North Dakota Higher Ed Board President Kirsten Diederich Resigns

Yesterday I wrote about rumors circulating among lawmakers which held that State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich was considering resigning in the face of legislative opposition to her appointment to a second term on the board. Today comes news that Diederich has, indeed, resigned though she admits to no culpability for the problems

Is SBHE President Going To Withdraw Her Nomination?

Starting over the weekend I’ve been hearing a buzz from certain lawmakers that State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich, whose appointment to a second term by Governor Jack Dalrymple must be confirmed by the state Senate, might be considering withdrawing her bid. First, some background. Diederich had a rough go of it the

Rod St. Aubyn: Should Public Get A Say On Higher Education Evaluations?

I had the chance to visit the legislature during the 3 day Legislative Organizational Session held a week ago.  It was a great opportunity to meet many of the newly elected legislators and to reconnect with the returning ones. While everyone patiently waited to see what their committee assignments were going to be, got training