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SBHE Member Rips Wahpeton College President for Being Condescending, Disrespectful While Making Case for Fargo Facility

SBHE Member Rips Wahpeton College President for Being Condescending, Disrespectful While Making Case for Fargo Facility

Last week on June 27 the State Board of Higher Education voted 5-3 to allow North Dakota State College of Science President John Richman to pursue financial support for a further expansion of his campus into Fargo. Why that Wahpeton-based institution needs to enlarge its presence Fargo where we already have North Dakota State University is

State Officials Should Make Decisions Without Consultants More Often

At times it can seem as though many of our state’s leaders are incapable of making any decision without a lengthy and expensive engagement of consultants. Everything from hiring and firing decisions to branding efforts and new logos results in hundreds of thousands of dollars being doled out to a roster of consultants. So it

Sanford Got Caught With Their Hand in the Cookie Jar

Yesterday we had a bit of a political conflagration caused by NDSU President Dean Bresciani who claimed state lawmakers were trying to close a nursing program in Bismarck. Students at the school, understandably alarmed, organized a protest and showed up at the capitol en masse to weigh in. The truth, which Bresciani may have been trying

Universities Will Consider Rule Change Making It Easier to Fire Tenured Faculty, Protests Expected

North Dakota’s State Board of Higher Education is considering a controversial policy change which may prompt protests. At issue is section 605.3 of the university system’s policies which state, in part, that tenured faculty “shall be given written notice of termination, including the reason(s) for the action, at least twelve months prior to the date

SBHE Audit Committee to Review Bresciani Text Messaging Controversy Tomorrow

UPDATE: The audit committee has authorized an independent investigator to review the controversy. The State Board of Higher Education has just released an agenda for a meeting of their Audit Committee scheduled for tomorrow. It seems to be something of a hastily arranged thing, what with the members of the committee meeting by conference call. You

UPDATED: Text Messages Show NDSU President Dean Bresciani Initially Supported Restrictive Media Rules

Earlier this week North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani announced that he was “profoundly disappointed” in restrictions on the media instituted by the university’s athletics department, but in text messages to Athletic Director Matt Larsen he struck a much different tone. I obtained a copy of the text messages through an open records request

Greg Stemen: Dean Bresciani Must Rise to Expectations

There is a lot of talk surrounding the recent decision to delay the consideration of the contract of President Dean Bresciani of NDSU. This discussion is expected and comes with the territory of being in a position of having high expectations of extremely capable people and having to make difficult decisions in the public eye.

Here's An Idea: Maybe We Should Stop Trying Students In Campus Kangaroo Courts

Today the State Board of Higher Education will consider new policy to comply with legislation passed earlier this year requiring that students be afforded the full participation of legal counsel in serious campus proceedings against them. The move is a grudging one, judging by the tone of this article, and indeed the universities fought long

"Setting The Record Straight" Should Mean You're Going To Tell The Truth

State Board of Higher Education President Terry Hjelmstad seem to be in pushback mode. Last week he was going after students upset with how some of the state’s universities are approaching tuition hikes. This weekend Hjelmstad was “setting the record straight” on the university system’s many, many open meeting and open records law violations. The