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After Criticizing University Presidents, Shirvani Placed On Administrative Leave Early

After Criticizing University Presidents, Shirvani Placed On Administrative Leave Early

If North Dakota’s university presidents were on a mission to prove how thin-skinned and petulant they are, how unwilling they are to be governed by anyone, the hissy fit they’ve thrown after criticism by Chancellor Hamid Shirvani in their evaluations has accomplished that mission. Since the negative evaluations the presidents have seemingly ordered their underlings

Guest Post: Higher Ed Board Should Resign Along With Chancellor Shirvani

With the late breaking news this afternoon that the North Dakota Board of Higher Education has voted unanimously to buy-out Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s contract, less than a year after hiring him, board members themselves should now question why they would continue serving on the board. This on-going saga is the result of a power play made during

Anti-Shirvani "Whistle Blower" Was Involved In Serious Exposure Of University System Data

The North Dakota University System data exposure report below details an incident in which the private information of students and university system employees was exposed, but apparently not reported to them as it wasn’t specifically required by law. NDUS “whistle blower” Linda Baeza Porter was responsible for the breach according to the report. Porter was

Attorney General: State Board Broke Open Meetings Laws

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has just issued an opinion ruling that a dinner held by Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and members of the State Board of Higher Education did, in fact, break open meetings laws. The State Board of Higher Education has been ordered to recreate minutes for the meeting. I think the AG is absolutely

Now That The Board Has Voted, Will The Campaign Against Chancellor Shirvani Stop?

Though it was passed during a contentious meeting, and though the vote wasn’t unanimous, the State Board of Higher Education issued a resolution expressing confidence in embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. Meanwhile, in the legislature, the state Senate has already passed an appropriation authorizing a buyout of Shirvani’s contract (a de facto vote of no confidence),

Question of the Week: Will the ND Senate Pass Higher Ed Reform?

On Friday, the North Dakota House of Representatives made some key decisions on the future of higher education governance in the state through voting on three Concurrent Resolutions: HCR3008, introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch, would have stripped mention of the state universities out of the state constitution, allowing them to be closed through statute if

Amendment To Appoint A Chancellor Gets Edge Over Elected Chancellor Coming Out Of Committee

Earlier this week Senator Joe Miller’s SCR4028, which would have created a board of regents consisting of the governor, the superintendent of public schools and the ag commissioner to oversee the university system, was voted down but not without members of the Senate expressing a desire for that sort of reform. Now there are two

Six Former University Heads Make A Pretty Slim Case Against Chancellor Shirvani

North Dakota’s current university presidents are orchestrating a campaign to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out of office, and now they’ve called on a group of former university presidents to help their cause. In a letter sent to the State Board of Higher Education (see below), the presidents say Shirvani is “wrong for North Dakota.” But

Amendment Would Eliminate Board Of Higher Education And Elect A Commissioner Of Higher Education

Just this morning, as the dust settled around Senator Tony Grindberg’s attempt to fire Chancellor Hamid Shirvani with a budget amendment, an amendment was introduced by Rep. Rick Becker to shut down the Board of Higher Education and put the administration of the North Dakota University System under a statewide elected official. Said official would

Why Didn't The Full State Board Of Higher Education Officially Back Shirvani?

Over the weekend the North Dakota Student Association, claiming to represent the state’s 48,000 or so college students but really representing a vocal faction that is little more than a rubber stamp for the university presidents, cast a vote of no confidence for embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. In response, members of the State Board of