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Dem Candidate Marvin Nelson: Without Democrat Crossover Burgum/Stenehjem Race Would Have Been "Extremely Close"

Dem Candidate Marvin Nelson: Without Democrat Crossover Burgum/Stenehjem Race Would Have Been "Extremely Close"

With Fargo businessman Doug Burgum ascendant after his landslide victory over Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem last night in the gubernatorial primary, his general election opponent Marvin Nelson had some interesting thoughts on the win. In an interview on the Need to Know Morning Show on AM 1100 The Flag WZFG with Steve Hallstrom (audio below),

Accusations Aimed At North Dakota Oil Regulators Have The Stink Of Partisan Politics

Here’s some advice for this alleged whistle blower at the Department of Mineral Resources who is making accusations about destroyed records¬†pertaining to oil transportation. You may want to consider who you’re working with. Because given the cast of characters involved so far, this is starting to look like yet another election year political stunt from

Bernie Sanders Visit Shows That Today's Democrats Are Bad For North Dakota

The fawning and gushing from North Dakota’s Democrats over the visit by Senator Bernie Sanders, the septuagenarian socialist who is running for president, has been a bit much over the last few days. But cutting through the miasma of adoration, Sanders did force our state’s liberals to reveal something honest about themselves. Every election cycle

Ouch: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marvin Nelson Gets Less Than $17,000 In Contributions

Democratic candidate Marvin Nelson has filed his pre-primary campaign finance report today, and it paints an ugly picture for both his candidacy and his political party. All together Nelson received $16,409 in contributions, including $11,150 in contributions over the $200 reporting threshold. Which is a paltry level of support to the point of being embarrassing.

Where North Dakota's Gubernatorial Candidates Stand On The Transgender Bathroom Issue

States grappling with how to accommodate trans-gendered citizens when it comes to publicly accessible restrooms has been much in the news recently. In fact, laws passed in some states have prompted widespread protests and boycotts from celebrities and corporate America. Here in North Dakota we have four people running to be the next governor. Many

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Democratic Gov Candidate Marvin Nelson: "This is shaping up to be one of the largest property tax increases…in history"

While the Republican candidates for governor were engaged in an Obamacare-themed slap fight over the weekend, the Democratic candidate was making a salient point about the state budget. State Rep. Marvin Nelson of Rolla, who is running unchallenged for his party’s nomination, told Jim Olson of KXNews that despite the promises coming from some candidates

North Dakota Considering Limitations On Who Can Comment Officially At Oil/Gas Hearings

Current North Dakota state law allows “interested parties” to comment, in person and in writing, at hearings before the North Dakota Industrial Commission which regulates oil and gas development in the state. But “interested parties” isn’t defined in the law. Now a proposal coming from the Department of Mineral Resources would provide a definition which

North Dakota Democrats Seat Just 252 Delegates For State Convention

“Democrats kick off convention today with most delegates since 2008,” reads the headline to this Mike Nowtazki article published last night. It is a preview of the Democratic state convention which begins in earnest today in Bismarck. Party executive director Robert Haider fed Nowatzki some spin, I think. “Democratic-NPL Party Executive Director Robert Haider said

Irony: North Dakota Democrats Maybe Have The Most Pro-Life Candidate In The Governor Race

Earlier this week I broke the news of the first Democrat candidate for statewide office in North Dakota. State Rep. Marvin Nelson of Rolla is running for governor. Yesterday evening Mike Nowatzki published an interview with Nelson, and he revealed something pretty interesting about his stance on what has been one of the most controversial

Democrat State Rep. Marvin Nelson Expected To Announce Run For Governor

UPDATE:¬†It’s confirmed, Nelson is in. It seems Democrats will finally get their first statewide candidate later this week, just 16 days before their statewide convention. I’m told state Rep. Marvin Nelson, who is from Rolla and has represented¬†District 9 in the state House since 2011, will be announcing a gubernatorial campaign tomorrow. I called Nelson