Democrat State Rep. Marvin Nelson Expected To Announce Run For Governor


TOM STROMME.Tribune Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) urges members of the House to vote against SB 2351, a bill that would relax the North Dakota corporate farm bill to allow exceptions for dairy and hog producers. The bill passed by a vote of 56-37 in floor action on Monday afternoon.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed, Nelson is in.

It seems Democrats will finally get their first statewide candidate later this week, just 16 days before their statewide convention.

I’m told state Rep. Marvin Nelson, who is from Rolla and has represented District 9 in the state House since 2011, will be announcing a gubernatorial campaign tomorrow.

I called Nelson for confirmation.

“Are you rooting around for rumors,” he asked me.

I told him I was. That there was a rumor that he’s running for governor. I asked him if it was true.

“Not at this time,” he said after a pregnant pause.

Good one, Marvin. He wouldn’t confirm anything on the record, but I think it’s safe to say that he’s in.

Nelson is not up for re-election in his legislative district this year – even-numbered districts are on the ballot – so he’s not risking his seat in the Legislature by running for governor.

No word yet on who Nelson’s Lt. Governor candidate might be (none of the three Republican candidates for governor have announced a running mate yet either). North Dakota elects Lt. Governors alongside the Governor much like we elect Presidents and Vice Presidents nationally.

As for the rest of the Democrat ticket, there’s no word on candidates for those races either.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Fargo businessman Doug Burgum, and state Rep. Rick Becker are running for governor for the Republicans. Former Bismarck Tribune publisher Brian Kroshus and Public Service Commission head of accounting Josh Gallion are competing for the the state Auditor position. Jon Godfread, who currently works for the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, is running unopposed for the Insurance Commissioner nomination.

Incumbents Julie Fedorchak (Public Service Commission), Kelly Schmidt (State Treasurer), and Kirsten Baesler (Superintendent) are all running for re-election for the Republicans.

UPDATE: Initially I wrote that Nelson would likely be announcing his campaign tomorrow. Seems like that’s been changed to Wednesday, with the first announcement coming in Bismarck at 9:00am. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.