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Obama's Anti-Pipeline Stance Hurting Democrats In North Dakota As Union Backs Republicans

Obama's Anti-Pipeline Stance Hurting Democrats In North Dakota As Union Backs Republicans

Labor unions are normally the staunch political allies of Democrats, but in North Dakota one union is throwing its weight behind Republican candidates. The reason? Pipelines. “We believe the North Dakota Public Service Commission is working hard to address oil production issues affecting the state and to balance the needs of landowners, producers, and other state

Thoughts On The North Dakota Primary Election Results: Republicans Had 75 Percent Vote Advantage

Last night North Dakota held its statewide primary election. The June election can be a difficult one to figure. The turnout is always lower than other elections, particularly in midterm election cycles, and it can be influenced by a few competitive races or compelling ballot measures at the local level. That being said, perhaps we

North Dakota Republican Candidates Have 584% More Campaign Cash Than Democrats

Earlier in this election cycle I’ve written about the advantage North Dakota Democrats have over the NDGOP when it comes to fundraising at the party level. But I’ve noted in those posts that because Republicans have so many incumbent candidates – every single statewide office, in fact – that party fundraising numbers don’t really give

President Obama Could Learn Something From North Dakota's Public Service Commission

A controversial power grid project got approval from North Dakota’s Public Service Commission earlier this week. Basin Electric has been pushing to build a 197-mile-long transmission line that will run from their Antelope Valley Station coal plant near Beulah to a substation near Tioga, in the heart of the state’s oil patch. With growing industrial activity, and

North Dakota To Minnesota: Pay For Your Own Green Energy Mandate

Skirmeshes over energy policy between North Dakota and Minnesota are nothing new. North Dakota, in fact, has sued Minnesota over green energy policy that precludes importing coal-fired power from North Dakota, something the western state feels violates the interstate commerce clause. Now the North Dakota Public Service Commission has entered the fray, refusing to allow

Democrat Tyler Axness Still Doesn't Know What The Public Service Commission Does

Fargo state Senator Tyler Axness is running for the Public Service Commission, but he’s prone to making comments about the office he’s running for which sort of suggest that he really doesn’t know what the office does. Axness really, really wants the Casselton train derailment to be an issue in the PSC race, and to

Poll: ND Republicans Have Big Leads Over Dems, Over 83% Say State Is On Right Track

The folks at the Brighter Future Alliance – a 501c4 non-profit committed to promoting the free enterprise system and pro energy development public policy, as they describe themselves – sent me results of polling they’ve conducted in some of North Dakota’s statewide races that will be on the ballot in November. I referred to some of it

From The Left: The Public Service Commission Matters

This November North Dakota voters will have a chance to vote for two spots on the Public Service Commission. The Public Service Commission (PSC) may appear to many voters to be one of the down ballot positions that many electors may view as unimportant. However, as North Dakota continues to grow it is time to

ND Dems Second Public Service Commission Candidate: Todd Reisenauer

A couple of weeks ago state Senator Tyler Axness announced that he was running for the Public Service Commission against Julie Fedorchak who is on the ballot to have her appointment to that position by Governor Jack Dalrymple confirmed by the voters. Whoever wins that seat will have to run again in 2016 when the

Guest Hosting The Jay Thomas Show 2-5pm

Because he apparently doesn’t like to work on Fridays, I’m guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show today from 2-5pm on WDAY AM970 in Fargo from 2-5pm today. You can listen live at this link. Call in numbers are 701-293-9000 locally in Fargo and toll-free 888-970-9329. You can also send me tweets at @robport during the