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I'm Not Sure Tyler Axness Actually Knows What The Public Service Commission Does

I'm Not Sure Tyler Axness Actually Knows What The Public Service Commission Does

Yesterday we got news that, about a month away from their state convention, Democrats got just their second statewide candidate. State Senator Tyler Axness, who is in his first term representing the newly-created District 16 in Fargo, is announcing a campaign for the Public Service Commission today. I’m told that Axness will be challenging Julie

State Senator Tyler Axness Becomes Just Second 2014 Candidate For Democrats

Over the weekend I wrote about the miserable time Democrats are having finding candidates to run for the legislature. So far the Democrats have held local conventions in ten districts. In nine of those districts, representing 27 seats in the legislature, they’re facing Republican incumbents and have so far found just four candidates to run.

Julie Fedorchak Column: We Don't Have To Choose Between Energy Development And Environmental Stewardship

A debate is occurring in our state about economic development versus environmental and cultural preservation. It’s a healthy discussion. However, like too many important policy issues today, the extreme positions dominate the discourse. Opponents of any and all fossil fuel development are motivated and organized to stop it, while forces against government interference fight any

First-Time Republican PSC Candidate Raises Nearly $80k In First Reporting Period

If Democrats thought there might be a couple of chinks in the “armor” of the all-incumbent Republican statewide ticket, given that there are a couple of first-timers on the ballot this time around, they should think again. At least in terms of fundraising, the newbies are proving to be on their game. As you can see