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An Open Letter to Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak

An Open Letter to Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak

Dear Julie, I think you’re a great public servant. I’m glad you’re on the Public Service Commission. It pleased me when it was reported that you might be interested in seeking a seat in Congress at some point, including possibly challenging Senator Heidi Heitkamp this cycle. But we need to talk. Here in North Dakota

It Would Be a Mistake to End North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

A few years ago a series of train derailments – some of them explosive – involving oil shipments were making national headlines. They were hyped by the enemies of oil development who are always looking for an excuse to “keep it in the ground,” but the incidents were a valid public safety concern too. Just

Members of the Public Service Commission Wearing “Fighting Sioux” Jerseys Is Hardly Scandalous

My colleague Mike McFeely sees scandal in a photo of Julie Fedorchak and Randy Christmann, collectively two-thirds of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, wearing old “Fighting Sioux” jerseys from the University of North Dakota. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know UND retired the nickname/logo after years of squabbling over its supposed offensiveness,

PSC Recommends $15,000 Fine Against Dakota Access Pipeline for Routing Around Artifacts Without Permission

Last week news broke that the Public Service Commission hadn’t been notified of cultural artifacts found along the Dakota Access Pipeline route. Today the PSC announced that they would be pursuing a $15,000 fine against the company for the lack of notification. You can read the full release below. This excerpt describes the fine, and

Audio: Public Service Commissioner Says Dakota Access Pipeline Company Likely to Be Fined

I had Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak on my radio show today to talk about news from earlier this week that the Dakota Access Pipeline company had been tardy in reporting an archaeological to her agency. On October 15 the DAPL folks discovered some stone cairns and other artifacts along the pipeline route. On October

#DAPL Contacted State Historical Society About Artifact Find but Didn’t Immediately Notify the PSC

This is a really unfortunate story, because it’s ultimately a trivial problem which can be solved with better communication, but it’s going to be made into a much bigger problem because the debate around this pipeline is a tinderbox right now. All of this could have been avoided. Here’s what happened: On or about October

Audio: Democratic Candidate Calls for Permanent Native American Member of the Public Service Commission

Yesterday on the radio show I hosted a debate between Public Service Commission candidates Julie Fedorchak, a Republican, and Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, a Democrat and enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. I invited Libertarian candidate Tom Skadeland to participate but he declined. What surprised me about the discussion was how little the two candidates

Surprise: Dakota Access Pipeline Follows Existing Gas Line Through Protested Area

Over the holiday weekend I spent time going through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s 1,206 page Mitigated Finding of No Significant Impact report related to the Dakota Access Pipeline (see it below). It’s the document upon which the Corps based its decision to approve building of the pipeline, a decision the Standing Rock Sioux

A $3.78 Billion Bet On The Future Of The North Dakota Oil Fields Was Just Approved

With oil prices in the tank, and a rocky trail ahead for North Dakota’s economy as a result, there came today from the Public Service Commission a glimmer of hope. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which could take as much as 600,000 barrels of North Dakota oil per day out of the state, was just approved

North Dakota Isn't Going To Be A Pressure Relief Valve For Minnesota's Green Energy Mandate

Government energy mandates are bad policy. They’re the product of politicians trying to impose their ideology on the real world, and they force energy companies to shift to energy sources like wind and solar which are more expensive and less reliable than fossil fuels. A recent example is Xcel Energy’s request for a rate hike