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Plain Talk: Seven Years in the Making, Fighting Sioux Documentary to Be in Theaters This Spring

Plain Talk: Seven Years in the Making, Fighting Sioux Documentary to Be in Theaters This Spring

Bismarck-based filmmaker Matt Fern has been making a documentary about the controversy around the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname for seven years now. This spring, he’s finally ready to put it in front of audiences. The film, now called Fighting Over Sioux, will get a theatrical release in North Dakota this spring, to

At the University of North Dakota, Another Feud Over Another Logo

There is a feud on-going between University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy and Engelstad Family Foundation trustee Kris Engelstad McGarry. For those of you who don’t know, the foundation is a major donor to UND. Their gifts have included the Ralph Engelstad Arena and the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center. But right now the foundation

That Supreme Court Ruling Won’t Change a Thing With the Fighting Sioux Nickname Controversy

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling today regarding offensive trademarks, and now some supporters of the University of North Dakota’s retired Fighting Sioux nickname are saying it gives them new hope that their beloved logo/nickname might be restored. They’re wrong. The Supreme Court case really isn’t related at all. The SCOTUS opinion in question

William Brotherton: UND Should Forget Expensive New Branding Effort

I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw that UND’s President Kennedy wanting to spend $3 million to develop a “brand” for UND. Is this the same school that is demolishing eight buildings on campus, eliminating sports programs left and right, and raising tuition? As a proud University of North Dakota graduate, I cannot

Members of the Public Service Commission Wearing “Fighting Sioux” Jerseys Is Hardly Scandalous

My colleague Mike McFeely sees scandal in a photo of Julie Fedorchak and Randy Christmann, collectively two-thirds of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, wearing old “Fighting Sioux” jerseys from the University of North Dakota. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know UND retired the nickname/logo after years of squabbling over its supposed offensiveness,

Here’s the New University of North Dakota Logo

After a lengthy and expensive process, the University of North Dakota has a new logo to go along with their new “Fighting Hawks” nickname. You can see the logo above and UND’s announcement video below. My reaction? Meh. It’s not terribly exciting. In fact, it’s kind of boring. But then, “Fighting Hawks” is pretty boring,

Maybe We Spend Too Much Time Talking For Native Americans Instead Of Talking To Them

Last week a poll released by the Washington Post found that roughly 90 percent of Native Americans are not offended by the “Redskins” nickname. I’ll admit to being a little skeptical. While I think hostility to Native America-themed nicknames among Native Americans is often overstated, I’d like to see more research done before I’m willing to

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UND Continuing To Sell "Offensive" Fighting Sioux Merchandise Is Absolutely Hypocrisy

“[T]here’s no hypocrisy in UND selling Fighting Sioux merchandise, because UND never said there was anything wrong with the Fighting Sioux name and logo in the first place,” Tom Dennis wrote for the Grand Forks Herald last week. I’m as tired of the never-ending Fighting Sioux controversy as anyone, but I think we have a duty to

And Here You Thought The Supposedly Offensive "Fighting Sioux" Nickname Was Gone For Good

After a decades-long brawl over the NCAA’s decision to ban the University of North Dakota’s “Fighting Sioux” nickname and logo – a fight which made its way through the courts and the Legislature and the ballot box – the school has a new nickname. The “Fighting Hawks,” specifically, and it’s not terribly popular with the


UND Should Save Money By Giving New Logo Assignment To The Art Students

It’s a little ridiculous that the University of North Dakota is going to the east coast for a firm to design new logos to go along with the new (and not very well liked) “Fighting Hawks” nickname. “Phoenix Design Works, SME Inc. and Summit Athletics Media will be invited to present to the university’s Graphic