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Kade Ferris: "Siouxper Drunk" Tshirts Were Intentionally Offensive

Kade Ferris: "Siouxper Drunk" Tshirts Were Intentionally Offensive

As you may have seen, there is a new, brewing controversy at UND once again. This time the issue that has arisen is not as easily written off as a case of misunderstanding being perceived as racism, but rather it’s a case of some students using a purposely offensive meme (in this case a t-shirt

Democrat Legislative Candidate Wants To Stop People From Supporting Fighting Sioux Logo

Everyone in North Dakota knows all about the soap opera surrounding the University of North Dakota’s former Fighting Sioux logo and nickname. They know that most North Dakotans (including most actual Sioux Indians on at least one reservation in the state) support the logo and nickname, and that it was the NCAA meddling at the

NCAA Asks North Dakota Politicos To Take Down Fighting Sioux Banner At Frozen Four

It’s been a bad week for banners supporting the University of North Dakota’s former Fighting Sioux logo and nickname. First a sorority at UND was forced to apologize, and will be taking sensitivity training, for hanging a banner on their house that mentioned the logo controversy. Now a leader of the North Dakota Republican Party

UND Sorority To Undergo Sensitivity Training After Referencing Fighting Sioux Logo Controversy In Banner

Yesterday I was bombarded by messages from readers sending me the text from an email UND President Robert Kelley had sent to the campus. It was regarding a sorority that had put up a banner to celebrate the UND hockey team competing in the NCAA Frozen Four and referencing the Fighting Sioux logo/nickname controversy. President

NCAA Still Using Controversial UND Fighting Sioux Logo

A reader sends in this picture of the NCAA Regional Hockey Tournament program, which not only gets the university name wrong (it’s University of North Dakota) it also features the controversial Fighting Sioux logo: After sanctimoniously declaring the logo “hostile and abusive” and pushing the State of North Dakota into a protracted legal and political

UND Suspends Play By Play Announcer For Being Too Critical

Here’s a shining example of the state of free speech in higher education today: GRAND FORKS – The University of North Dakota announced Monday that North Dakota men’s basketball announcer Paul Ralston has been suspended from his play-by-play duties for two games due to comments he made after Saturday’s game against Northern Arizona. … Ralston

No Taxpayer Dollars For Private University Foundations

Yesterday the legislature heard from the alumni of several of the state’s universities speaking in favor of legislation providing matching tax dollars for contributions made to the university foundations. “House Bill 1204 would contribute $1 from the state for every $2 generated by the foundations,” reports the Grand Forks Herald. “There would be a cap

Something Is Wrong With Our Priorities When University Sports Coaches Make More Than Governors

Earlier today I wrote about proposed increases in pay for North Dakota’s executive branch elected officials. Per Governor Jack Dalrymple’s proposed budget, the officials (including the governor himself) would get an 11.4% increase in pay by 2015 over their 2012 levels. People tend to get pretty wound up about how much public officials make, but