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UND Can't Use "Fighting Hawks" Nickname Because Everybody Boos It

UND Can't Use "Fighting Hawks" Nickname Because Everybody Boos It

Maybe it would have been better if UND had just gone ahead without a nickname. Last year marked the end, finally, of the fight over the nickname at the University of North Dakota. The school had been operating without a nickname, but now-retired UND President Robert Kelley decided that not having a nickname wasn’t an

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Fighting Sioux Documentary Needs Your Help To Hit Its Goal

Last month I wrote about UNAUTHORIZED! a documentary made about the Fighting Sioux nickname fight by Bismarck filmmaker Matt Fern, who also made the admittedly dubious decision to include me in the film (I’m joking). At the time Fern was just getting his Kickstarter campaign for the movie off the ground. Now he’s got a good

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How You Can Support "Unauthorized" A Documentary About The Fighting Sioux Nickname Fight

The saga of the Fighting Sioux nickname has come to a close, for the most part, with the University of North Dakota moving on as the Fighting Hawks. So perhaps it’s time to take a look back at the story of this controversy. Bismarck-based filmmaker Matt Fern has done just that. The film is called

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Fighting Hawks, Roughriders Advance To Final UND Nickname Vote, Turnout Up To 32 Percent

The results from the second round of voting in the UND nickname transition process are in, and Nodaks has been eliminated from the running. The full email from UND is below. Here are the results: Total number of votes: 26,479 Fighting Hawks: 12,098  (45.69 percent) Roughriders: 7,400 (27.95 percent) Nodaks: 6,981 (26.36 percent) Interestingly, there

William Brotherton: Why We Filed Our Lawsuit to Stop the University of North Dakota Nickname Vote

I believe that by now most North Dakotans would agree that the University of North Dakota Nickname Vote has been a total debacle and an embarrassment to the flagship university of the state, and its graduates. I count myself as one of those graduates, class of 1980. We all know the story. The NCAA declared

'New Sioux' T-Shirt Creator Isn't Backing Down After Legal Threat From UND

Earlier this month when I interviewed Karl Larson, who is selling Fighting Sioux parody merchandise at NewSioux.com even as UND engages in an epic and often slapstick effort to transition to a new nickname, he told me he plans to keep selling despite legal threats from the university. Today in the Grand Forks Herald we learn that

UND Says Third Nickname Vote May Be Needed After Their Attorney Argues Votes Are Meaningless

I’m beginning to think that it would be a stretch to say that University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley and his administration is qualified to run a corner lemonade stand, let alone the state’s second largest institute of higher education. At a recent court hearing over a lawsuit filed by alumni to stop the

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UND Nickname Voting Results Are In, Just 27 Percent Turnout, Second Run-Off Vote To Be Held

The results are in for the University of North Dakota’s week of voting, and here they are: Fighting Hawks:  6,960 votes;  31.20 percent Roughriders:  4,687 votes;  21.01 percent Nodaks:  4,571 votes;  20.49 percent North Stars:  3,231 votes;  14.48 percent Sundogs:  2,858 votes;  12.81 percent Because none of the nicknames were popular enough to get 50