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Read It: UND Nickname Lawsuit Filed

Read It: UND Nickname Lawsuit Filed

I was traveling yesterday so a little slow on the news that UND alumnus William Brotherton, an attorney these days in Texas, has filed a lawsuit against UND to halt the nickname vote which will begin next week. You can read the complaint, affidavits, and exhibits filed by Brotherton below. Already seven judges have recused

Scott Hennen: North Dakota's Universities Are At A Dangerous Crossroads

North Dakota is on an incredible run. Even when our boom times take a breather, we’re still crushing it compared to most places We’re the envy of America. With one exception: Higher-Education. It’s in dire need of reform. Political correctness and an academic tyranny could soon destroy the North Dakota University system. The examples are

Aggrieved UND Alumni Set Up Fundraising Effort For Nickname Legal Action

A couple of days ago I wrote about University of North Dakota alumnus William Brotherton, now a lawyer working out of Texas, saying that he was readying a lawsuit to block the school’s vote on a new nickname. Today Brotherton tells me that his group has formed an online fundraising effort, and that he’s now

UND Alumnus Plans To File Lawsuit Over Nickname Vote

Yesterday Fargo lawmaker Jim Kasper asked North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott why neither he nor the State Board of Higher Education stepped to overrule University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley when he opted to exclude “North Dakota” as a choice for the school going forward. Hagerott gave sort of an innocuous answer,

Creator Of Fighting Sioux Parody Merchandise Says He Plans To Keep Selling

Yesterday I wrote about a website called NewSioux.com which was created by a University of North Dakota alumnus to sell parody merchandise parodying UND’s controersial and now retired “Fighting Sioux” logo and nickname. Today I interviewed Karl Larson, the creator of the website, on WDAY AM970’s Hot Seat program. It was an interesting discussion. The

UND Deserves Parody And Mockery Over Ridiculous Nickname Fight

An enterprising University of North Dakota alumnus is poking fun at his alma mater’s nickname fight with t-shirts showing the now-banned “Fighting Sioux” logo, except this time with a tongue sticking out of the Native American warrior’s mouth. He’s selling merchandise with the altered logo on it at his website NewSioux.com. Not surprisingly, the UND administrators

Former Bismarck Mayor Sends Letter To UND President Demanding "North Dakota" Be Added To Nickname Vote

The voting requirements and dates are set for the selection of a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, but a former mayor of Bismarck is saying UND President Robert Kelley still has time to make “North Dakota” an option. Kelley previously removed the “North Dakota” option, despite multiple polls showing it to be the

The UND President Doesn't Need Security Because Of Nickname Brouhaha

It is rare that I find myself agreeing with the angry, intemperate children responsible for the Fargo Forum‘s editorials, but today is one of those rare occasions. The Forum gives a “leafy spurge” to former Bismarck mayor Marlan “Hawk” Haakenson who is seeking to block some of the new nicknames the university is putting to a vote by registering

Rep. Scott Louser: Give The Fighting Sioux Back To The Sioux

I have watched with great interest the scenario as it has played out with regards to the administration and nickname decision at UND.  As most know, the legislature passed a three year moratorium on a new nickname and logo, which expired January 1, 2015.  Essentially, UND has not had a nickname for three years plus

Hockey Team Warns UND Over Using "Roughriders" Nickname

UPDATE: This post originally referred to the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders as a professional team. It’s not, the USHL is an amateur league. If you thought the dumpster fire that is President Robert Kelley’s nickname transition process at the University of North Dakota couldn’t possibly get any more convoluted and inane, think again. It seems there