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Forum Poll: Doug Goehring Leads Ryan Taylor 45-27

Forum Poll: Doug Goehring Leads Ryan Taylor 45-27

Another day, another polling release from Forum Communications and the University of North Dakota. This one is the Ag Commission race and, much like the U.S. House race yesterday, The Forum and UND are showing the Republican with a commanding lead. According to the Forum, Goehring leads Taylor 45 to 27. There are still a

Hey Democrats: Rachel Maddow's Outrage Won't Help You Win In North Dakota

If you had asked me, at the end of 2013, what Democrats would be campaigning on in 2014 I probably would have told you oil industry impacts. Rail delays. Housing issues. I would not have said student loans, a Republican marketing firm requesting public student information, and Kevin Cramer filming an ad in a veterans

Left-Wing Ag Commission Candidate Ryan Taylor Comes Out Against Measure 5

At last night’s debate in the Ag Commissioner race the candidates were asked about their opinions of Measure 5, which would create a massive conservation fund out of oil tax revenues. Republican Doug Goehring, not surprisingly, opposed the measure. What was surprising is that Democrat Ryan Taylor also said he opposes the measure. Taylor said

NDGOP Statewide Candidates Cash Advantage, But Dems Close In Ag Commission Race

The candidates for statewide office in North Dakota have filed the pre-general general election reports, and to the extent that fundraising can tell us anything, it appears as though most Republican candidates have a pretty major advantage over Democrats heading into November. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers from the pre-general reports. All Republicans vs.

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North Dakota Republicans Cleaning Up Newspaper Endorsements, But Do They Matter?

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how much newspaper endorsements matter any more. Maybe they did once upon a time, but I think their value has diminished in this digital age where everyone with a blog, a Facebook page, or a Twitter account can make an endorsement. In North Dakota, particularly, I feel like the

Democrats Change Their Tune On Political Contributions To Regulators

In a recent article about Republican Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring calling the CEO of CP Rail “arrogant,” the incumbent’s Democrat challenger Ryan Taylor made an interesting comment about PAC (political action committee) contributions received by Goehring. “‘It’s in the nature of campaign finance for an incumbent agriculture commissioner’ to receive PAC contributions,” Taylor told Ag Week

Ryan Taylor, Candidate For Ag Commissioner, Wants To Take On…Student Loans?

KXNet.com – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND When Ryan Taylor announced that he would be running for Commissioner of Agriculture against Republican incumbent Doug Goehring many political observers, including this one, saw that race as immediately competitive. Taylor had said previously that he wouldn’t be running for anything in 2014, but was drawn into the race after Goehring drew

Whoops: Ryan Taylor Didn't Know Saltwater Pipeline That Leaked Already Had Flow Meter And Pressure Cut Offs

Ryan Taylor seems to have made a pretty big gaffe in his quest to become North Dakota’s next Commissioner of Agriculture (and get a seat on the State Industrial Commission overseeing oil and gas development). Last week Taylor wrote a newspaper column blasting the current, all-Republican Industrial Commission (which includes his opponent, incumbent Doug Goehring)

Doug Goehring: Sound Bites Versus Smart Regulation

Often what sounds good, is often anything but easy. Such is the case of Ryan Taylor’s recent column. His folksy, ah-shucks language may sound appealing and his solutions easy, but the realities of regulating our state’s two largest industries are seldom so simple. Take for example, Taylor’s recent attempt to make political hay with the