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Industrial Commission Almost Punished Oil Company For Trying To Curb Flaring

Industrial Commission Almost Punished Oil Company For Trying To Curb Flaring

The North Dakota Industrial Commission – the triumvirate of statewide elected officials which oversees, among other things, oil and gas development in the state – has set goals for reducing flaring, or the burning off of excess natural gas produced during oil development. Companies which don’t hit those goals can be hit with a fine

North Dakota Democrats Rush To Politicize Pipeline Spills

Always looking for an opportunity to make political hay, North Dakota Democrats are looking to cash in on recent pipeline spills in the Bakken region. “Following the largest saltwater spill of North Dakota’s current oil boom, state Democratic lawmakers say they will revisit measures overwhelmingly rejected two years ago that would mandate additional monitoring and


Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

“Measure would void new North Dakota flaring, oil rules,” screams a headline from the Associated Press about Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill to change the process by which oil regulations are passed by the the Industrial Commission. That headline set up a scolding and typically intemperate editorial from the Fargo Forum which, as usual, seems to have only

Sometimes The Messenger Deserves To Be "Shot"

“It’s foolish to blame messenger.” That was the headline to a Fargo Forum editorial from over the weekend which fired back at critics of a recent New York Times article about the State of North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom. “Like dust in a prairie wind, criticism of New York Times articles on North

Democrats, Republicans Pouring Money Into Taylor vs. Goehring Race

I took a look at the latest 48-hour reports on the Secretary of State website, and things haven’t changed much since the last time I looked about 10 days ago. The race for Agriculture Commissioner has become the battleground among the statewide races. State law requires that 39 days before election day that campaign committees report

Still No Influx Of Cash For Sinner As Democrats Flog SAB Polling For Fundraising

Democrats are using the SAB/Valley News Live polling in the House and Agriculture Commissioner races to try and raise funds for their candidates George Sinner and Ryan Taylor. Our polling showed Sinner losing by 7 points to Republican Kevin Cramer, and Taylor losing by 10 points to Republican Doug Goehring. But Democrats say the polls

SAB/VNL Poll: Doug Goehring Leads Ryan Taylor 47-37

In the North Dakota Ag Commission race Republican Doug Goehring has a 10-point lead over Democrat Ryan Taylor with 14 days until election day. There were 16 percent of voters undecided. The SAB/Valley News Live poll was conducted by DFM Research out of Minnesota. It polled 430 “certain” or “very likely” voters between October 13